Thursday, April 19, 2018

Research Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter does three things well:-
1. Laughter creates joy. Anyone needed joy to live.

2. Laughter has the power to heal. Anyone needed to heal the body and the mind.

3. Laughter has the power to connect us, people. Laughter strengthens relationships.

I am going to invite you to stand with me. Laughter yoga is a series of exercises and intentional breathing that create fake laughter first, in order, to create authentic contagious laughter second. 

So we fake it until we make it. So, we're about to fake it.

Today, we gonna do three varieties, as we are doing these, we do have a transition .....

Very good, very good, Yay! do it again.
Very good, very good, Yeah! one more time.
Very good, very good, Yeah! 

All right , you're starting to feel childlike and playful. 

Our first laughter exercise, we're here to connect. We want to connect with one another. So today, we're gonna start with the waving laugh. You're gonna wave with one hand, wave with the other hand, maybe wave with both hands. Ready ? Waving laugh let's go. Waving hand and fake laughter, waving hands and faking laughter, very good , very good, yay! Very good, very good, yeah! 

All right. Our second laugh , I'd like to invite you to clasp your hands in front of you. We all have little secrets; good ones, bad ones, silly ones, sad ones. And in your clasped hands right now is your funniest secret ever. When you look in there, it cracks you up and you get the giggles.  But sometimes you want to show what's in there (your clasped hands) to one of your neighbours. Ready ? So, give yourself that little secret laughs. Ready? go...(fake laughing) you look into the funniest secret inside your clasped hands. Very good, very good, yay! Very good, very good , yeah! 

Our last laugh, get out your invisible cellphone, you just got a funny call, just got a funny text, you just received a hilarious video. I want you to take that call and laugh. And if you think it is that funny, share that funny call or that funny text with your neighbour. Ready ?  Go, cellphone laughter . Very good, very good, yay! Very good, very good , yeah! 
Check in again. How do you feel now? What just happened in our bodies?

Well, I mentioned laughter yoga creates joy. Why is that we just in three short exercises started releasing endorphins in in our body. Endorphins that is the good stuff that gives us the runner high and makes us feel good. And we just did that without running. Brilliant! right? When we release that endorphins like that, all of a sudden, we become creative, we become connected the people around us.

And when you're joyful and happy people want more of it and more of you. And you want more of it. 

I am shouting out positive good things versus fussy things. So, just think about how having more endorphins in your life would make you a better human.

Second of all, laughter has the power to heal. Why is that when we laugh, we are releasing stress and boosting our immune system. So, you've heard it before "laughter is the nest medicine." 
Well, don't wait till you get cancer, in order to figure out that you want to take care of your body. So laugh! I'd much rather do laughter yoga than sit at a doctor's office or I'd take some medicine, I don't know about you.

And third, laughter has the ability to connect us, to strengthen our relationships. I was not very good at showing my raw vulnerable childlike playful side. So, learning how to laugh and share the laughs with others actually turns me into a human being, makes me feel safer and more comfortable with being raw and vulnerable. And maybe even showing that side of me that I was afraid to show before. 

I've just learned how to channel my drive and enthusiasm differently. And I can promise you that that's the kind of positive  feedbacks that makes you are changing the world one laughs at a time. So, if you'd like to laugh for the joy of it in your life. If you'd like to be happier and healthier and if you'd like to have strengthened relationships, guess what you get to do. You get to stand one more time and we're gonna give the world, the universe a whole bunch of positive energy with one last loud very good YAY! 

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