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A New Approach to Health Care

PaidaLajin Self Healing—A New Approach to Health Care

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Video Transcript: "I've also been involved in and actively engaged in alternative healing for more than 10 years.  

"One of the things I've always thought about is our western approach to health care is so expensive that the rich countries like European countries, such as Germany, my country, and America, and countries like Switzerland, struggle to afford. So I am stupid. 
I've been saying to myself, "If they struggle to afford, how on earth can it be the only answer to health care, providing health care in Africa?"

"The answer is very simple. It cannot be! And I've been looking for a long time something that is affordable. And what I found through a Chinese friend in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) is not only a free, but a self-healing technique that is free. It's not only affordable. It's free. They call it in Africa, 'Mahala'*
[Note * Mahala =  For mahala, we are only informed that it is part of South African slang, meaning for free or for nothing and gratis, without any explanation. Click here for more details. ]

"So to give you, I've been working with Paida and Lajin in Johannesburg for more than two years. (since 2014). And I give you a few examples. 

" I went to the Soweto Old Age Home, and I asked the old ladies, "How many of you are leading fruitful and productive and enjoyable lives?" And the leader of the old age home.. old woman, she was standing like this (bent posture), and she looked at me like that, and she said, "Not at all!" 

"After a few times doing Paida and Lajin at the Soweto Old Age Home, the mood (atmosphere) has changed completely. Now they are there enjoy too much to do this. And although we have only one employee that is working with 25 old ladies, the results have been fantastic. And I've got a whole set of testimonials, which we presented in the form of a folder with photographs, at the WOMDA conference in Beijing in May last year. 

"I give you another example. I was ... I saw a lady walking. And she was walking very, very, very heavily. And on her toes. I called her and I said,"What is your problem?" And she told me and she showed me, she had a wound at the bottom of her left foot. Here, a wound (size of) about 2.3 inches long, and 2 inches wide. Open wound. And she had an operation. But the wound came back again. Now it was so big again, they (doctors) to operate (her foot) again. And she was in constant pain for years, taking painkillers. Because walking on her toes had affected her spine. So, I told her, "Come and see me." 

"She came with her husband. They practiced Paida and Lajin together. After two months, she wrote to me an e-mail, "I'm healed!" I said ... I called her (on the phone) and I said, "What do you mean you are healed?" And she said to me,"I can now .. The wound is closed. I'm walking now to work 10 kilometres every day." These are just some of the examples.

"And to the females viewers, I would like to say that Paida and Lajin has a side effect. A positive side effect. Makes you beautiful. And makes you more ... and younger. Wrinkles disappear. Stretch lines disappear. Senile light disappears. Those that are overweight, they lose weight, but they remain firm. It's no good you become slim, and you are flabby. Because it's ugly. And those women that have money, have to go to the plastic surgeon to cut it. Any case, you are firm, you slim down. You feel well, you look good.  Because beauty, we all know, comes from within. 

"And it even... For those unfortunate ladies whose breasts begin to sag, like we all get older, if you clap (your breasts) and, if you clap... if you (do) Paida (on your breasts) them, they will come back to the form of glory, or they will improve greatly. And we've had evidence of that. 

"And some ladies are not very well endowed with their breasts. They would like to have bigger breasts. Just clap them(breasts) and they will become a little bigger. 

"And now coming the last little ... best-kept secret to the male viewers. (Practise) Paida and Lajin increases your libido. You can be as rich as you want to be. You can be as powerful as you want to be. The moment of truth with females is between the sheets. And if you lose that battle, it's a very sad story. So you can increase your libido. I don't want to say ... I can always say, "You ride them like a cowboy."

"And I hope this message gets through to Asian men that powder from the Rhinos in Africa, it costs a lot of money.  And our Rhinos are going to be extinct soon. And our children, our future generations, be they Asian, European, or African, won't see these animals of Africa any more. Instead of buying expensive Rhino powder, do Paida and Lajin. It's 10 time better.

"Thank you very much."

Paida-Lajin Self-Healing Method (slapping and stretching exercises) come from our natural moves. We have all clapped our hands and stretched in yawns, sports, yoga, Kungfu, etc., haven't we? Everyone can practice them to stay fit, prevent, diagnose and self-heal pains and diseases, acute or chronic. Millions of people worldwide are practicing and benefiting from it. Health is wealth in our life bank. Own it now! Be your own healer. 

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