Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Superfood Blend

1. Almond of The East (Nan Xing and Bei Xing)

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Nan Xing Bei Xing is known to nourish our lungs and strengthens function of respiratory system.

Ground right here in-house, these almonds are the key components . The milk-alternative beverages are designed with the sweet, decadent flavours of the finest Nan Xing and Bei Xing. Special Promo! Nan Xing 300gm /Bei Xing 300gm Promotion   
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2. Screw Pine Leaves (Pandan)

Enjoy the nutty, delightful flavours of fresh Pandan in every cup of milk-alternative. A localized ingredient unique to our region. Pandan leaves boost healing benefits that have been used and savoured for centuries. Click here.

3. Perilla Seeds

This recipe blend is uniquely designed to be your favourite milk-alternative, almond beverage that also boosts your total health and wellness. Enjoy the rich, delicious flavours, while reaping from the benefits of the hand-selected Perilla Seeds to enhance your wellbeing with every sip. Click here.

4. Quinoa

Another superfood in Superfood Blend. Quinoa has many health benefits, it contains almost twice as much fiber as most other grains and one of the most protein-rich foods we can eat.
Quinoa is also high in anti-oxidants which make it important when compared to other pseudocereals, cereals, and legumes. Click here.

5. Chia Seeds

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Another superfood is Chia Seeds, rich in antioxidants is considered the richest plant with soluble fiber which could give the stomach the full feeling for a longer period of time and thus helping in the journey of losing weight. Receiving anti-oxidants from foods is considered healthy because they help in fighting the production of free radicals which can damage the molecules in the cells and contribute to aging.

6. Black Sesame

Black is the new green. Black Sesame, super immunity booster, packed with B vitamins, amino acids and minerals such as iron, copper, phosphorus, plus they’re laced with powerful antioxidants like sesamin due to their intense levels of pigmentation. And nothing keeps your skin glowier than a dose of vitamin E, which – coincidentally – sesame is pretty rich in. Click Here.

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