Wednesday, May 2, 2018

An eyeful a day keeps the doctor away.

An eyeful a day keeps the doctor away

News clipping: Staring at women's breasts is good for men's health and makes them live longer, a new survey reveals.

When the French refer to a curvy woman's best assets, they note that 'there are a lot of people on the balcony', whilst the Spanish remark that a woman has a 'great breast-onality'. Eyebrow-raising expression of the week.

Breasts have long been objects of fascination, a symbol of femininity in European culture. As well as being instruments of enchantment, they also have a nutritional function since each one of us suckles them at birth. But apart from sustaining us from the cradle, they also nourish our inspiration. When breasts boggle our minds, we are suddenly dumbfounded, rendered dumbstruck… and we become babies again.

The Creator failed miserably when it came to naming an abundant bosom. The nutritional aspect of the breast has led to many common European expressions related to feeding. Italians refer to the breast's ability to give milk: Ha una latteria sotto il reggiseno (she has a milk factory). Like the Brits, the more vulgar Spaniards get right to the point and compare chests to large fruit: tiene un buen par los melones (she has a good pair of melons). But following a small debate, the Spanish now prefer to take the female personality into account with the expression tiene una gran pechonalidad – the words pécho (breast) and personalidad (personality) combined. You make do with what you have, or not - in August, the Avilés beer festival in Asturias, northern Spain, had its campaign poster censored after depicting a cartoon waitress serving beer - sporting a big so-called 'breast-onality'.

In Germany and France, you are more likely to hear architectural terms. The French say il y a du monde au balcon (there are a lot of people on the balcony) to describe the structure that an ample chest might appear to have. The blunter, nature-loving Germans say that there is plenty of timber in front of the hut (Sie hat viel Holz vor der Hütte). A chest does provide ample heat, after all, and staring at them even provides a longer life, according to German researchers in 2009. You know what they say: an eyeful a day keeps the doctor away...

In any case, big breasts have moved us for quite some time, and disastrously so for the Iranian clerics. In late April, Ayatollah Kazem Sedighi argued that cleavage provoked earthquakes. The English, who admire a nice rack, often use the word boob to denote an idiot or idiotic action – here they would have said that the cleric had made a boob of himself. Indeed, American blogger Jennifer McCreightwent out on a limb to prove it; she launched a Boobquake action day to encourage women to get their best assets on show and try to cause an earthquake on 26 April. The title of the campaign? 'Lethal weapons'.

ohio: "I'm selling my weights and giving my jogging cloths away. I won't be needing them again!
And ladies, it will be so easy, you can help your man live longer.
But somehow, I think we guys all knew this right along! Right, guys?"

cillcais: "This works only if the woman is a blonde bimbo. An intelligent woman would quickly give the creep what he deserved. He might be walking funny for a while!
So pick your women carefully, Ohio."

ohio: "Now don't be too hasty on me Cillcais. At 64 I don't ever remember being slapped for ogling. I don't even think I've even ever been accused of ogling. I've engaged in mutual visual admiration and I don't think that is the same as ogling, now is it?  "

Boadicea2 Posted: 16 Jan 09 23:34:34
Ohio,stop staring at cillcais boobs.
ohionow Posted: 16 Jan 09 23:41:42
OK FiFi... How are yours? Clinically vibrant and refreshing I hope!
Boadicea2 Posted: 16 Jan 09 23:45:17
I have me push up bra on under a very low cut blouse and I'm lookin good.
Boadicea2 Posted: 16 Jan 09 23:48:33
Ohio,have you noticed cillcais always wears a polo neck jumper.
As mikedemick would say,she ain't got no boobies.
ohionow Posted: 16 Jan 09 23:50:01
Great! I feel healthier already.
cillcais Posted: 17 Jan 09 00:04:50
"I've engaged in mutual visual admiration ...". What a lovely way you have with words, Ohio.

Boad: I've been to Mike's hideaway. Just ask him how I'm made. He'll tell you I don't need no pushup bra, nor trashy low-cut blouses to enhance my God-given perfect form.

ohionow Posted: 17 Jan 09 00:12:27
Low cut, no cut, high top, tight, loose... it is still the sparkle in the eye that counts the most.

I wonder if anyone has tested that out?

Like... A study of 200 men over 5 years finds the ones who stared at sparkling eyed women for at least 10 minutes a day were healthier than men who worked out at gyms for 2 hours a day.
Boadicea2 Posted: 17 Jan 09 00:18:17
Yes,I forgot.He did mention it in passing but can't remember exactly what he said,something about the Artic.I says Mike,yer goin off on a tangent,then he looked me square in the eye and said no I'm not.
I never even got the gist of that conversation,artic and no boobies.
Boadicea2 Posted: 17 Jan 09 00:25:58
So Ohio,I'm wondering if there is a part of the mens anatomy when stared at would lower the womens BP.
mmkrain Posted: 17 Jan 09 00:36:22
I don't know how healthy it would be for a man to be staring at a woman's boobies if his wife saw him doing it.
ohionow Posted: 17 Jan 09 07:41:29
MM, one would expect the woman's boobies to be his wife's, wouldn't they?
mmkrain Posted: 17 Jan 09 21:11:20
I don't assume anything Ohio. *L*

Gentlemen, I have decided to live a healthier life style...I implore you to join me..

HER candle burned out more than 35 years ago. But Marilyn Monroe still has the power to mesmerise.

The actress has been named the century's sexiest star by Playboy magazine, easily eclipsing modern-day competition from the likes of Cindy Crawford and Pamela Anderson.
The magazine's list of the 100 most sensual sirens from the last 100 years is dominated by old-fashioned glamour from the golden age of Hollywood.

Marilyn, who died in 1962, leads the top ten, followed by the late Jayne Mansfield at number two, Raquel Welch and Brigitte Bardot.

Cindy Crawford makes it in at number five, followed by Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Pamela Anderson, Bo Derek and the late Jean Harlow. …

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