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August 16 – 31, 2019
Day 1, August 16, 2019 Arrive Quito’s Mariscal Sucre International Airport (UIO), transfer to the Patio Andaluz Hotel

Day 2, August 17, 2019 Flight to Baltra Island, afternoon cruise around Daphne Island, famous for ground-breaking evolutionary studies of Darwin’s Finches; o/n MV Evolution (BLD)

Day 3, August 18, 2019 Morning at Isabela Island photographing boobies and other seabirds; snorkel in search of
sea turtles, sea lions, and penguins; afternoon at Fernandina Island photographing marine iguanas and flightless cormorants; o/n MV Evolution (BLD)
Day 4, August 19, 2019 Morning at Isabel Island photographing bright-yellow land iguanas in arid jungle; afternoon
photographing landscapes, Darwin’s finches, cormorants, and possibly penguins; snorkel with harlequin wrasses, giant red starfish and possibly fishing penguins; o/n MV Evolution (BLD)
Day 5, August 20, 2019 Morning at Bartolome Island photographing volcanic landscapes and cruise/snorkel in search of penguins; afternoon at Santiago Island photographing lava flows and volcanic landscapes; o/n MV Evolution (BLD)
Day 6, August 21, 2019 Morning on Santa Cruz Island’s white sand beaches photographing marine iguanas, herons, lava gulls, shorebirds, bright red crabs, and possibly flamingos; afternoon at Rabida Island photographing sea lions and marine iguanas; o/n MV Evolution (BLD)
Day 7, August 22, 2019 Morning on Santa Cruz Island photographing at the Charles Darwin Research Station and
the giant tortoise breeding center; afternoon in the highlands to photograph giant tortoises; o/n MV Evolution (BLD)
Day 8, August 23, 2019 Morning on Española Island photographing waved albatross and their chicks, Nazca
boobies, tropicbirds, swallow-tailed gulls, lizards, iguanas and more; afternoon photographing sea lions on land and by snorkel; o/n MV Evolution (BLD)
Day 9, August 24, 2019 Morning at San Cristobal photographing the town’s sea lions which raise their pups on park benches and sidewalks and walk to find the lava lizard and mockingbirds; afternoon at La Loberia photographing blue-footed boobies in courtship displays and with chicks; o/n MV Evolution (BLD)
Day 10, August 25, 2019 Morning at South Plaza Island photographing land iguanas, swallow-tailed gulls, Darwin’s
finches, and flying seabirds; midday snorkeling; afternoon at Mosquera Islet photographing sea lions and their pups playing along the shore; o/n MV Evolution (BLD)
Day 11, August 26, 2019 Morning at Chinese Hat Islet photographing a miniature volcanic landscape and bright red
crabs, snorkeling; afternoon at Santiago Island photographing herons, iguanas, lava lizards, sea lions, fur seals, and more; o/n MV Evolution (BLD)
Day 12, August 27, 2019 Morning at Genovesa Island photographing nesting seabirds, including spectacular swallow-
tailed gulls up close and at eye level, Nazca boobies, red-footed boobies, and great frigatebirds; afternoon at Tower Island photographing more seabirds, including storm petrels and search for daytime hunting short-eared owls; o/n MV Evolution (BLD)
Day 13, August 28, 2019 Morning at North Seymour Island photographing sea lions, iguanas, and seabirds, including
nesting and courting frigatebirds, and blue-footed boobies; afternoon at Santa Fe Island photographing land iguanas, in giant cactus forest, sea lions, and snorkeling in emerald waters; o/n MV Evolution (BLD)
Day 14, August 29, 2019 Morning at Floreana Island visiting the historic post office of whale ship crews; snorkel with playful sea lions; afternoon photographing flamingos; o/n MV Evolution (BLD)
Day 15, August 30, 2019 Morning at Santa Cruz Island’s Tortuga Bay photographing Darwin’s finches, shorebirds and marine iguanas; afternoon photographing landscapes and flowers in a cloud forest; o/n MV Evolution (BLD)
Day 16, August 31, 2019 Morning cruising Santa Cruz Island’s mangrove inlet photographing sea turtles, herons and
pelicans, and possibly sharks and rays, transfer to the airport for return flight to mainland to catch your international flight home (B)
The Evolution is a luxurious small expedition ship that
accommodates 32 passengers. A historic feel combined
with modern amenities give this yacht the adventurous
atmosphere of a smaller boat. Her artful combination of
size and amenities results in a yacht that offers excellent
service, luxury accommodations and attention to detail,
while causing minimal impact on the environment.
The yacht features both inside and al-fresco dining areas
and a sky deck lounge on Albatross Deck with a bar and
beautiful rattan furniture. At the bow of the yacht is a
jacuzzi with lounge chairs for sunbathing and ample outside
deck space. There is also a lounge with a bar, library
and facilities for lectures, slide shows and films.
The Evolution offers 3 suites, 8 premium staterooms and
5 deluxe staterooms all with exceptional accommodations,
private facilities, climate controls, safe-boxes and ample
space to hang and store clothing. All cabins have private
bathrooms with hair dryers, amenities like those of any
fine hotel and ample space to store toiletries.
Double Suite

Premium Twin Stateroom


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