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Remove Blocked Qi, then body self-healing

Everything is energy with its own unique vibration. Once a tissue becomes energetically imbalanced, it can start a domino effect. If a practitioner of healing does not include the impact of energy on health they are likely to have limitation in getting any effective solution. If they ignore or discount what is happening or has happened in a person’s life emotionally, they will not be able to get to an effective solution.
We can work on fixing our bodies and circumstances from the outside all day long, but until we get to the true cause, nothing will really change.

Once Blocked Qi's are released, the body knows how to heal itself, it carries a perfect blueprint and if we take out that which causes it to malfunction then it can start to function naturally again.

This is similar to a stone in your shoe, your foot and your skin is simply going to be unhappy (along with you) until that “thing” is removed. Having these “foreign” items in a place they do not belong will no doubt cause a distraction in some way to your daily life. This is the same with blocked Qi's; the body simply has trouble functioning as intended with those misplaced energies. They simply interfere with the natural energy frequency of the body area where they are lodged.

In energy healing, health matters are seen as health challenges with symptoms and underlying reasons (imbalances) for the symptoms. If you have a stone stuck in your shoe, you don’t simply call it "stone-itis", you just realize your foot hurts and you take the stone out. If a part of your body hurts or is in any kind of discomfort it is telling you something is out of balance, not functioning in the way intended. It doesn't help by just giving it names, that is, I don’t think that ever helped anyone get well, however, what is helpful is to listen to the body and get rid of the thing, the imbalance that is causing those symptoms. 

I also don’t believe that when your body hurts that it wants that pain or discomfort to be suppressed or the body part to be cut out. Removing Blocked Qi's allows the body to return to its natural vibration and therefore sets the condition for the body to heal.

~ CK Tan, Master Practitioner, Malaysia


The Power of Qi (Chi) has been mentioned since ancient Chinese civilization as a source of natural energy and life force used to revitalize health, improve strength, mental clarity, and develop human potential.

Today, as we go through the hustle and bustle of modern life, people may fall ill due to emotional stress, trauma, finance problems, and work pressure. Some of these pain and discomfort could also be due to psychosomatic illness, caused by undue stress and worry.

Besides popping the pill with side effects, there are other alternative methods to heal oneself such as the "Blocked Qi Release Technique" (BQRT) which claims to eliminate and release negative blocked Qi that is disrupting the body energy.

Founder Master C K Tan, from Terengganu (Malaysia) has been researching and practicing this technique for the past four years (started 2010) said: " I did a lot of research and found that certain people have blocked Qi in their body systems that affects their mental and physical health."

He explained that Qi energy flows like and 'electric current' that goes through a huge energy network in our body. "The Yang Qi flows upwards to our feet to our head and the Yin Qi flows downward from our head to our feet, making sure that every part of our body has the power to function perfectly."

"This network flow of Qi is called Qi Alignment and needs to be in a state of balance and harmony. Tan added the Block Qi Release Technique" is one of the fastest way to release optimum flow of Qi energy the body, and he has used it to treat physical pains and disorders ranging from back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, migraines, headaches, insomnia, and even emotional issues like depression, anxiety and panic attack amongst others.

In this Q&A (by Gerald Chuah, from Malaysia New Straits Times) Tan explains the inner workings of the "Blocked Qi Release Technique" which he founded.

Q: What is the origin of this technique, and how did you learn about it?
A: The "Blocked Qi Release Technique" is an energy healing technique I devised, that works with the sub-conscious mind via kinesiology (Muscle Strength Test). It is based on the concept that intense emotional events of one's past are stored in the body as Blocked Qi.

Before I came out with this technique, I studied one of the earliest Chinese medical literature Huang Di Nie Jing , which is a combination of ancient Chinese medical principles and modern psychology.

I decided to revert back to the original methodology, and use Western teachings as a secondary support for the system.

The "Blocked Qi release Technique" helps to balance one's body energy; but it does not claim to cure any pain, malfunction, or diseases. It merely removes the impediments that stand in the way of the body to heal itself.  

Q: Why is Qi Alignment important for health?
A: When the flow of Qi is blocked in a certain part of your body, or is imbalanced, we call this Blocked Qi.

It is just like unstable electricity flowing through certain parts of your house, it doesn't mean the electrical system in your house is unusable or will break down immediately, but the part that is affected may get burn, short circuit, or blackout , overtime.

In the case of our body, Blocked Qi may cause symptoms like aches, pains, allergies, phobias, and psychological problems just to name a few, which may recur on a regular basis, even after seeking medical help which usually just treat the symptoms rather than the root cause.

Q: What are the root causes of Blocked Qi and the impact to our body?
A: There are several factors that may contribute to Blocked Qi. We categories them as 3Es -- Energy, Environment, and Emotions. After studying many cases, we discovered that Emotions has the biggest impact on Blocked Qi.

Blocked Qis are emotional energy that cannot be processed by the body properly, and which we still carry on in our body from past events or traumas.

Depending on the intensity, they vibrate at different frequencies according to the particular emotion of a past event or trauma; which can affect how you think, make choices, react to people, and face daily challenges. Usually, the greater the intensity, the stronger is your memory of it.

These blocked energy also take up space and distort the vibrations, eventually affecting the body as a whole, causing pain and leading to diseases.
End of Q&A.

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