Thursday, May 3, 2018


9. What if it works?
A great flip on the naysayers who love to think about what could go wrong.

10. Where would I find . . . ?
In an age where knowledge is king this question takes you beyond a Google search and makes you look further.

11. Can I/we do this faster?
Everyone wants stuff faster these days. by asking this question you can become aware of ways to shave seconds, minutes, hours and days off a timescale.

12. How do I feel?
An opportunity to check in and see how the most important person in the world is doing.

13. How does this make others feel?
This is a great question to help with self-awareness and the impact your actions may have on others. Listen carefully after you have asked this one.

14. When will I exercise today?
It is NOT surprising that Edgers ask this question a lot. It is easy when you are busy NOT to look after yourself. By asking this question you begin to mentally schedule time slot daily to work-out or walk the nature park.

15. How can we reduce the cost?
More than ever, people are focused on costs. By shaving time and money off your outgoings you can have a tidy impact on the incomings.

16. How can we increase the profit?
Turnover for vanity; profit for sanity. The bottom line is what counts, so after you have answered question 15 this feels naturally like the next place to go.

17. Is there a better way?
This is a question that constantly runs through the mind of the Edger. Even if it's got nothing to do with them, they will question the status quo and ask themselves if they can think of a better way.

18. Has this been done before and, if so, by whom?
Success leaves tracks. the chances are that someone somewhere has information that can help you.

19. What do I need to prepare?
Edgers love to be prepared. They ask themselves this question a lot. Even if they don't need all the information, the feeling of going into a situation fully prepared fills them with confidence.

20. Is this sustainable?
While others are getting excited about a breakthrough, the Edger is already two steps ahead. Amongst many other things they want to know if this a flash in the pan or something sustainable.

21. Who can help me?
There are millions of people who are just waiting to help out and millions more who need some help. Edgers ask themselves when faced with a problem: Who will be best to help them? Invariably, the right person comes to mind.

Time to find your edge (final part, click here)

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