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Critical Water Info

Critical Water Info
Water should stay inside your body for 2-3 hours so your body has time to use the water properly.  Scroll down to asterisks (****) below for complete information.

You must be sure your kidneys are working ok. This means liquid in results in liquid out.  For example: the amount of water or other beverages taken in should be urinated during the day.

Here are Dr. Batman’s recommendations:

The “rule of thumb” for salt is to dissolve 1/8 tsp of salt on our tongue per 16 oz ( ½ litre) of water that we drink - 1/16 tsp sea salt per 8 oz. of water we drink.
If you have any swelling of your feet, ankles, legs, arms, fingers, eyelids you must stop all salt for 2 to 3 days and just drink the water.  The exception to this would be swelling from an injury/accident.
You probably just rolled your eyes to the back of your head saying, “Are you nuts… that’s a lot of water to drink”. Actually, it’s quite simple to accomplish this when taken in say… 8 glasses of water spaced throughout the day.

For example, lets take a 192 pound person. Half their body weight is 96 pounds. Change that to 96 ounces. Divide that by 8, for the number of glasses you are going to drink, which equals 12 ounces. You would be drinking 8 (12 oz) glasses of water per day. Now… wouldn’t you agree that drinking the water this way is easy to do?

If you do not drink this much water right now, you must start adding the extra water very slowly. This gives your body time to adjust to the added water intake. If you don’t, the water will act like a water pill (diuretic), pulling necessary minerals from your body, possibly causing more harm than good. Senior citizens and children MUST start adding the extra water slowly.

Here’s how to increase your water intake slowly using the above example:

Day 1 - start out with 3 (8 oz) glasses of water.
Day 2 - add one or two glasses.
Keep doing this until your required glasses per day is reached.
Now start increasing the ounces until your total per glass is reached.
Please keep in mind, it’s only a rule of thumb on half your body weight in ounces of water and 1/8 tsp of salt for every 16 oz of water.  Some people will require a little more water where others will require a little more salt.

After a while, the body’s requirements can change for a little more water and salt because of hot or cold weather or exercise.  Each person must find his or her body’s requirement at this time.

Never drink more than 33.8 oz  (1 litre) of water at one time (or sitting).

Children 2 yrs & up will need 75% of their body weight in ounces of water per day, because their bodies are always growing & every cell in their expanding body needs the extra water (mytosis).
Children that are active or playing sports can require up to 100% of their body weight in ounces of water per day.
The water cure program does not apply to newborns up to 2 years of age.
Water Should Stay Inside Your Body For 2-3 Hours
***** Water should stay inside your body for 2-3 hours so your body has time to use the water properly.

If you are peeing (urinating) sooner than 2-3 hours after drinking your water, you should stop drinking plain water and switch to drinking orange juice, lemonade, grape/cranberry juice or any other juice. One point of caution… asthmatics should never drink orange juice

Note: When drinking orange juice, you should add 1/8 tsp of salt per 8 ounces.

If drinking juice does not work, the next thing to try is experimenting with drinking your juice while eating a bagel. This means:

Eat the bagel first then drink your juice

Optional – increasing the salt to 1/4 tsp salt per 8 ounces, when you are eating the bagel may help retain the water longer

You can put cream cheese, real butter or jam on the bagel.

After using a whole bagel for a day or two, then you can cut down to using half a bagel, then a quarter and just stop the bagel and use your food to take with the juice.

Here is how you should slowly go from drinking juice to going back to drinking plain water again. After a few days you should try drinking 2 ounces of plain water a half hour before eating food.  Then you can increase the water to 4 ounces a half hour before eating food.  Next it would be 6 ounces, then 8 ounces and so on until up to your required amount.

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