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True Origin of “HIV”

True Origin of “HIV”
Now, this is a very important thing that I discovered— that vasopressin as a cortisone release factor stimulates a substance called interleukin-1 which is another activator of physiological events, and cortisone release factor and interleukin-1 have a magnifying effect on one another, they create a vicious circle, an expansion system. And at a certain level of dehydration and dependence on vasopressin, then you get interleukin-1 activating interleukin-6 and tumour necrosis factor.

These are the elements that begin to tap into the body’s own tissues and break them down, cannibalized by these own tissues for resource management. Because when you’re dehydrated, your body also lacks the elements that the water will have brought to those areas in order that those areas still have some material to work with, and the body begins to break down its own tissue. And interleukin-6 and tumour necrosis factor activate enzymes called proteases at the cell membrane and wherever they are, and these proteases begin to break down and fragment proteins and the DNA, they cause fragmentation of DNA. And the new understanding, or my understanding, is that these fragments of the DNA because as soon as they are released they bring a little bit of membrane with them, they would be labelled as viruses.

These are the “slow viruses” that have the medical community not understanding the DNA component of the breakdown of dehydration and have labelled them as viruses, and because dehydration produces disease, they blamed it on the ‘virus.’ One of the viruses that have received this treatment is the ‘HIV’ itself. HIV, the ‘slow virus’ of HIV, is a fragment of the DNA and it was harvested in cell culture mediums by introducing interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor, and the product that was received or cultivated, they labeled it ‘HIV-1’ This ‘HIV-1’ is not a virus, it’s a fragment of the DNA. It has the same characteristics as half of the vasopressin itself, and that is why they can never produce a vaccine against ‘HIV,’ because as soon as they produce a vaccine against ‘HIV’ they can neutralize vasopressin (which is a water regulator.)

It operates the reverse osmosis program of the body and that would be tantamount to causing the suicide of the cell or the body and killing the person. So that is why they will never be able to use the ‘HIV’ and produce a vaccine for it because it is part of the vasopressin molecule. This is the mechanism where all the auto-immune diseases occur. Interleukin-6, when it goes into the beta-cells of the pancreas, it cuts the beta-cells, it breaks down the beta cell nuclear structure and fragments it and throws it out.

It has been shown scientifically that is the case. So, this is a process of auto-immune activity that produces insulin-dependent diabetes. I will explain insulin-independent diabetes later on, but I wanted to explain this here for you to understand how some of these so-called ‘conditions’ are of ‘slow viruses’ and auto-immune diseases are connected to dehydration as the origin of the disease, and a lack of resources that the body would need in order to compensate for the deficiencies that dehydration brings about.

Many “Diseases” Are Caused by Dehydration:

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