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Water Is Necessary to Prevent Stress

Water Is Necessary to Prevent Stress

In dehydration, even though the body has a lot of water in it, it is the lack of free water that constitutes dehydration. That is why you need to replace the water loss of your body with a fresh intake of water, in order to supply the body with free water to perform new functions.

So, any time you want to perform a function that requires water to perform that function, you had better give that water to the body in advance of the event. In other words, if you want to eat, give it the water that is needed in order to digest food. If you want to exercise and sweat, give the body the water that it has to shed in sweat, and so on. It is free water shortage in the body that constitutes dehydration. It’s like a major business that has a lot of assets, but no cash-flow to pay the salary of its staff.

That’s how a business gets in trouble, and that’s why the human body gets into trouble when it doesn’t have free water, which is the ‘cash-flow’ of the body. Stress translates in the body into dehydration; in other words, every time you feel stressed, that translates to dehydration, and the reason is that every time you’re stressed you secrete a lot of hormones that break up new material and mop up the free water from the circulation, and all of a sudden you are short of free water, so you are short of ‘cash- flow.’

And that is why the body begins to regulate the water content of the body—there is a ‘drought- management program,’ and stress-management. And in stress-management, you get these hormones— vasopressin, endorphins, prolactin, cortisone-release-factor, and angiotensin, which is activated both at the brain level and at the kidney level. Vasopressin is a very important substance, vasopressin is subordinate to histamine, as a water regulator, and vasopressin itself is a very strong cortisone release factor. When there is dehydration, and you have histamine release, you also have vasopressin release, and you also have tissue breakdown as a result of cortisone release factor.

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