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Other “Dis-Eases” Caused by Dehydration

Other “Dis-Eases” Caused by Dehydration

The emergency calls of the body for water: We gave it two classes of symptoms, “perceptive” and then “drought-management programs”; now we have the emergency calls of the body for water, they are the main pains of the body. Early morning sickness of pregnancy is a sign of dehydration of the mother and the child, the fetus because the fetus has no mechanism of telling its needs other than through the mother’s system. Histamine, which is a growth hormone in infants, babies, or intrauterine life, whether it’s human or any another animal species, reflects its symptoms through the mother’s system, and that’s why we get early morning sickness of pregnancy.

That’s why a lot of women begin to retain salt and they become 

edematous, and retain a lot of fluid and so on. If we increase water intake in these women, their early morning sickness of pregnancy will disappear. The infants grow much better in the intrauterine phase of growth, they’re an average of an inch taller, the few I have seen have been much taller than normal. They have their hair grown, they have a much more developed hair structure than the hair of the average child.

Now, dyspeptic pain or ‘heartburn’ is a sign of dehydration. I treated 3000 peptic ulcer disease sufferers in the prison with water, and that’s where I came to the conclusion that these people were thirsty. And in order to prove that, I wondered why the pharmaceutical industry wants to block this pain with an antihistamine, Tagamet, Zantac, and so on, H2- blocking agents. I said, why are they doing this? So I went and started researching this, in fact, this discussion occurred at Yale University and the professor said, “Can you prove that these people were thirsty?” and I said, “Yes, I can!” and that’s the continuation.

So I went to the library and started researching histamine, and the answer was there, it had been there all the time, but the pharmaceutical industry wasn’t going to share it with the doctors, and the doctors are not going to do research, they only take their education from the system that has been hijacked by the pharmaceutical industry and they are only fed the information that will guide the doctor to use their chemical products. So, when I wrote my article on pain and the need for a paradigm change and presented it as a guest lecturer at a cancer conference in 1987, and I explained what is the role of histamine, the scientific secretariat at the Third Interscience World Conference of Inflammation invited me to make my presentation there, and that is what I did.

So, histamine is actually a pain-producing system directly and indirectly through its subordinate systems, and that is why we get the dyspeptic pain and that’s why the pharmaceutical industry uses Tagamet and Zantac to block it. Migraine headaches, anginal pain, rheumatoid joint pain, back pain, fibromyalgia pain, colitis pain, false appendicitis pain. I have seen a number of people who came to me in the prison with typical appendicitis symptoms, but they didn’t have a temperature, they didn’t have nausea, so I gave them two glasses of water because by then I knew the pain was a sign of dehydration. I gave them two glasses of water and in three minutes their ‘appendix’ pain disappeared.

So, these people would normally end up on the table of the surgeon and have their appendix taken out. How does pain arise? You know the pH of the body should be 7.4, intracellular pH. The only way we can do that is by drinking enough water, taking enough salt and minerals to make the body alkaline and get rid of the excess acidity through the production of urine.

So, when we produce yellowish urine, it means that the body is getting rid of some of its acids. Ideally, the urine should be even less of an intense colour than yellow, but when we produce orange urine, it means that the body is truly dehydrated, and somewhere it’s going to ‘sing.’ Now, the way it ‘sings’ is very easy— when the body is alkaline, the cells are happy when it becomes acid gradually, the toxic waste builds up and the area becomes acid.

There is a chemical substance called pre-kallikrein. This substance is very sensitive to pH fluctuation. When pH becomes acidic, in other words, drops to 6.7, 6.5, free kallikrein is converted to kinin, and since there are nerve endings in the area, the kinin in the nerve endings is the element that causes the pain. So, that is how pain is produced in a dehydrated environment in the body

Now, this drought-management program of the body rotates drought or hydration, so certain areas of the body are dehydrated and certain other areas get hydrated. That’s why in rheumatoid joint pain you get these migrating pains, one day it’s this arm, this hand that hurts, another day it’s the other arm or hand that hurts, or it’s the hip or the knee and so on. This is the migration of dehydration, and that’s how you get the pain.

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