Saturday, July 31, 2010


Cholesterol Blues

I try to be so healthy. but, my labs results .. i am so distraught ... MY CHOLESTEROL!

Forget about your cholesterol.

You're a doctor. How can you say that ! Isn't cholesterol the main cause of heart disease ?

No. That's not accurate.

Doesn't cholesterol kill you?

That's a myth.


It's a myth. Now that I have your attention, let's talk real heart facts.

Forget about cholesterol. These are the last words you expect to hear from a doctor. In counseling patients in our clinic, we realize that most are very reluctant to accept this message. This is understandable considering all they have previously heard and read about cholesterol. Given all the mental conditioning they have had, it is hard for them to accept that their cholesterol levels are only minimally important. However, a close examination of the scientific research on cholesterol and heart health yields some startling revelations. Focusing on cholesterol has actually detracted from promoting real heart health.

How did we get to such a confusing state?
What are the myths about cholesterol that have become ingrained in our culture? (The Myth of Toxicity; The Myth of causality; The myth of Risk; The Myth of The magic Bullet)
What does an informed person need to know to take care of his or her heart?

1. It takes much more than cholesterol molecules flowing through your bloodstream to cause heart disease.

2. Cellular dehydration can cause body natural cholesterol overproduction. remedy: proper re-hydration daily.

3.Few people know that cholesterol, in and of itself, is benign.

4.Cholesterol plays at most a minor role in heart disease.

*This post intends to enlighten readers about cholesterol and heart disease. Armed with factual knowledge, it may give you cause to challenge your physician. but, more importantly, it may give you pause before refilling your prescription for cholesterol medication:drugs.

This may challenge what you know and believe. Understanding uncommon knowledge will allow you to discriminate fact from fiction.

Letting go of myths can be challenging. Given the high rates of heart disease (cellular dehydration), the number of cardiovascular (premature) deaths eah year, and the dramatic failure of public health efforts, your need to know may save your life ! and your family wealth :i.e., you.

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