Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Power of Prayer ...marching on...

He Can and Will Answer

14.Three or four years ago we asked you to pray for our grandnephew i Hungary. He was suffering from a rheumatism which the specialists in Budapest could do nothing about. The medications the boy (11 years old) was taking were so strong he hardly ate. Since a year ago, however, he surprised the doctors by turning around completely. He no longer needs the strong medicine. We praise the Lord for it and thank you for your prayers. We feel so very close to you all. - O.H., Germany.

15. Just a note to say how much we appreciate you and your family. We have been blessed since we started supporting your outreaches. Your letters always encourage us.

I wrote you a few weeks ago for prayer. I had terrible pain in the right side of my chest which went right through to my back. It was in the area of my gallbladder. The pain was so bad I could hardly sit, walk or stand. I could not sleep on my right side. I was desperate, but all the pain has gone now and I know God has healed me.

I asked you to pray for our daughter and her family in Australia that they would be able to sell their house and find another. Praise the Lord , they sold within one or two days ! Then their offer on a new home was accepted right away too. They are so excited. The real estate agent said they had never seen a deal go so smoothly. Truly, God will bless those who bless the Jews (Genesis 12:1-3). -B.& E.E., Canada.

16.May God bless you all. You helped us to pray for my son-in-law, who was laid off from work for half a year. Now the same company has rehired him. We received many blessings through your intercession. - M.C., Sweden

17.God's mercy and goodness can't be measured. I was about to end my marriage then ended up in the hospital for 10 days and nearly had a stroke. I was healed. Now we have celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary together . - L.N., Germany.

18.I praise God for answered prayer regarding kidney problems during my pregnancy. I April I delivered a healthy baby girl and I had only one kidney ache since then. - S.L., Canada.

19. For 17 years I suffered from extreme allergies, which kept me from eating almost anything. Nothing with preservatives, nothing out of tin cans, no salted meats, no potatoes. My skin looked leprous. I was dismal from the doctors and specialists who tested me endlessly but had no solutions. I would sit on the edge of my bed at night and weep.
You prayed for me at the Temple Prayer Wall and now I can report of a great miracle. our Almighty, merciful Father in Heaven has healed me. The allergies have completely vanished and I can eat everything. I can smell again, though doctors said i would never recover. I thank Him(God) every day and thank you with all my heart. -L.U., Switzerland.

20. I wrote you in January about my dire financial circumstances. The following weekend my situation was reversed. I found a job where I was even able to recover all my losses during the time I was unemployed. God is faithful ! He is deserving of honor and glory. My faith in Him has grown through these trying times. -D.L., Germany.

21. Dear Dr.Goldberg, Shalom ! At work, I learned that my boss's six-month-old boy, who has been suffering from a severe illness, was wonderfully healed. The family is not religious and was completely surprised. When I returned home, I found your letter in the mailbox, in which you wrote me that you were praying for the boy. -D.N., Sweden.

22.We pray fro Israel and want to bless your nation and work. The Lord has performed a great miracle for us, beyond our asking and understanding. We were able to purchase 1.5 acre [6,100 sq.m.] of land with a house for ourselves, which we had prayed for a long time. I remembered that we had asked you to intercede for us. My while family thanks you and praises the Lord for His wonderful provision. -H.B., Canada.

23. I experienced a great miracle. My feet were healed and my stomach ailments, which plagued me for over 30 years, have almost completely disappeared. I thank God and you for answered prayer. -D.O., Germany.

24.Thank you for praying for me. I was able to save my horses from being slaughtered and they now have a good new home. Also, I was able to find mt dream horse, an Andalusian, I call him Zion.

25.Thanks for your prayers. I have received the 6,000 Swedish crowns which I urgently needed. O.L., Sweden.

26.For along time, I was unable to sleep peacefully at night. But from the very day I wrote to thank you forpraying for me, I was able to sleep again wonderfully. -G.B.,Germany.

27.Thank you for praying for my co-workers. I have a Bible Study at work at noon on Tuesdays. We have been collecting money in a jar and all agreed to send it to you to help needy Jews in Israel. - S.F., Canada.

28. Thank you so much for our letters. In our evangelical church there is division. Only a handful of people have a vision for Israel and understand its situation. Many believe they can please Jesus without standing with Israel. The ancient prophecies are never read anymore, they are all passe. The pastor never mentions Israel. But we are standing with the God of Israel and with His covenant people unwaveringly. -S.D., Switzerland.




.....Thank you for your prayers. You let us know you really care.

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