Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Promoting Water Cure

Date: March 25, 2010
From: David Braun
To: Robert Butts
Subject: promoting the water cure

Hi Bob,

About 8 months ago my family began using the water cure and the results have been nothing short of amazing! The benefits we have experienced are too many to list, for example my 10 year old son no longer has asthma and runs with his friends in the fall grass without fear of the allergy induced asthma attacks that he so often suffered from. I can sum up my own experiences by simply saying I feel 10 years younger!!

Anyhow my reason for writing you this letter was not to tell you all the details of my personal experiences although I would be happy to do that. I have a security/locksmith business that is owned and operated by myself and my family and as you know operating a business you have many opportunities to talk to people. I have been spreading this information to as many as will listen, sadly enough there are so many who either cannot or will not open their minds to the possibility that something so simple and so benign could actually hold the answers to their problems. Although my business is not as large as yours, we have been in business in our area since 1925 when my grandfather originally founded the company. We have already directed many people to the information but I would be very excited if I could perhaps help you distribute your information CD in my area. I would be happy to copy them and distribute them to people in my region if you wanted me to. I have not yet seen your cd but I’m sure it is a very use full tool in spreading the word. I am also considering renting out the books to people as you do, I have most of Dr. B’s books but would probably be interested in getting multiple copies in order to do this.

I welcome your response, and am so very great full for your dedication to the continued promotion of the incredible work of Dr. B. I cannot help but feel compelled to help in this great mission.


David Braun


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