Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Power of Prayer to LORD GOD for ....."let us say so"

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The million little things that drop into your hands, the small opportunities each day brings, LORD GOD (YAHWEH) leaves us free to use or abuse, and goes unchanging along His silent way.

We should continually keep in mind outstanding answers to prayer, and the deliverances LORD GOD has wrought for us in the past. They should be like evergreens in memory's garden , so that we may be encouraged amid present difficulties to "bless the LORD GOD at all times".

How much me miss because we fail /forget to remember, or because we restrain testimony! ,due to fear for man. If the LORD GOD has redeemed us, let us "say so". If He has brought us up from a "horrible pit', let us "say so". To tell another of LORD GOD's goodness often causes the embers on our own heart to glow again.

Many readers have written us in recent weeks and months with testimonies of what LORD GOD has done in their lives. You too may write us* with your needs and we will join you in prayer. We believe LORD GOD can and will answer.(* P.O.Box 23890, Jerusalem 91237. Tel:972-2-5713703,Fax:972-2-5713707)

A few excepts follow:

1.The prayers for our eldest son have been answered. After twenty years, he has taken up contact with me again as if nothing happened, and he is kind to me. Thank you for your faithful prayers for my family and myself. -G.K.,Switzerland.

2.I have found a dream home with a view over Lake Geneva in the area where I have my fondest childhood memories. It is a real find because available homes are very rare here - and very expensive. Our God is so good; even in these things He gives beyond our asking and understanding. Your prayers were answered. I rejoice every time I receive mail from you. - D.B.V., France.

3.We have received many miracles. My daughter had tuberculosis and was healed by the Lord after your prayers in Jerusalem. Also, all my ribs and three vertebra were broken when beds fell on me in a furniture shop, but I am walking again as before. I'm 83 years old. - B.T., Canada.

4.Earlier in the year, we asked you join us in prayer fro little G. It is now time you hear the outcome of much united prayer, and praise God together with us. G was in the hospital for several months and had a benign tumor removed from his brain. There were many ups and downs, even bacterial meningitis. The doctors kept delaying putting in a shunt for drainage directly from the brain to the stomach.
"This is a testimony of God's great faithfulness. G recovered quickly, attends school and is a happy, bouncy six-year-old boy. We cannot express adequately what it meant to us that you prayed faithfully and took time to write a personal greeting with biblical encouragement. -S.G., Germany.

5.In the past I requested prayer for our son who experienced years of debilitating illness due to incorrect diagnosis and wrong prescription drugs. We praise the Lord that, although his body is still recovering, his mind is now clear and he is able to read the Bible and relate again to family and friends in a normal, healthy manner. - L.N., Australia.

6. K is recovering well now. God is wonderful and merciful. He showed the doctors they were administering the wrong medication to her. Thank you for your prayers. S.U., U.S.A.

GOOD NEWS FROM ISRAEL. Though assailed on all sides by threats of war and annihilation, boycotts, and cunning lies, Israel's impervious citizens continue researching and developing new medicines and technologies, improving the environment, and protecting religious freedom.

1.Professors Marta Weinstock-Rosin and Moussa B. H. Youdim have collaborated for years on treatments for the Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. The results of their research, Azilect and Exelon, are now widely available. A new product of their collaboration is Ladostigil, currently in advanced clinical trials, which is an inhibitor drug designed to slow the progression of Alzheimer's.

2.Tel Aviv University scientist Anat Achiron has identified the generic markers of multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease affecting the brain and spinal cord, which has no known cure. The testing allows diagnosis nine years before healthy adults begin showing symptoms. With so much advance notice, it is believed it will be easier to intervene and treat carriers of the disease that afflicts two million people worldwide.

3.Israel has the highest number of scientists per capital in the world, 63 percent more than the United States of America. Israel has the highest number of PhD's and the highest number of physicians and engineers per capital in the world.

4.Though a desert land, Israel is the only country that entered the 21st century with a net gain in its number of trees. Over 90 percent of Israeli homes use solar energy for hot water, the highest percentage in the world. Israel developed drip-irrigation, which is now used worldwide. Israeli cows produce more milk per cow than any other nation in the world.

5.It is the only Middle east nation where the number of Christians has grown
over the last fifty years and the only Middle east nation where Christians, Muslims and Jews are all free to vote.


7.Thank you for the prayers for our granddaughter, who has been healed of anorexia and gained 20 kg.[44 lbs]. May God be praised and thanked. - T.& L.Y.,Switzerland.

8.I wrote you a few years ago asking for God's blessing upon B. and that I would qualify for a pension after a terrible illness. Our great God heard the prayers. B married a wonderful man and now they have triplet-s three girls. Meanwhile, I received a good pension. -G.D.,Germany.

9.My husband had quit drinking and is now losing the weight he had intended to. Thanks be to our Lord, and to your prayers. - F.A.M., U.S.A.

10.God be praised for answer to prayer. The little boy who had been so ill is now a year old. He is a wonderful little child. - C.D., Sweden.

11.I want to thank you for praying for my suffering foot and my back infection. The Lord has performed a miracle. I can walk without pain and wear normal shoes again! Also the painful infection of my pelvic bone has been 100 percent healed. Thank God, I can go y=to work again. Than you for your faithful prayers.
Now my pastor has expressed an interest in hearing more about Israel together with the whole congregation. I'm so thankful to the Lord for changing men's hearts. -C.H.,Germany.

12.Our son received a promotion at the shipyard and we give our Heavenly Father praise and honor for He does answer and is never late ! Thank you again for your prayers. - W.& B.H., U.S.A.

13.Heartfelt thanks for praying. The operation on my uterus went perfectly, as did the recovery. My beauty salon is thriving. And now that the crisis is over, my husband and I are doing great again. -I.G., Switzerland.








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