Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Vitamin B Complex as a Whole

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When love is lost, do not bow your head in sadness; instead keep your head up high and gaze into heaven for that is where your broken heart has been sent to heal.

WHEN NATURAL FOOD sources supplying the entire B complex are used instead of chemically (petrochemical based) made vitamins, better results have been consistently obtained in both animals and humans. This cannot be overemphasized since each year millions going billions of dollars are spent on vitamin pills and tablets. Many preparations supply only small amounts of the common vitamins and omit the important ones. The compound may be unbalanced or incomplete. Many people take these products believing them to be a remedy for all ills, but this is far from true.

Two good reasons for using the entire vitamin B complex.
1.First, since most of these vitamins occur together in foods, no one can be deficient in one of them without being deficient in some of the others as well. This is true even though the deficiency of one may seem more prominent than any other in the group.

2.Second, the efficient action of one often depends on the presence of another in the group. Their functions are interrelated. Vitamin B12 and folic acid are a typical example.

Reasons for using natural sources. It is as illogical to treat a B-complex deficiency with one vitamin as it is to treat a protein deficiency with a single amino acid. Our body uses amino acids to make own protein, the idea that we must eat more protein from animals is a myth, for most needful amino acids for growth are supplied by plants and fruits. If you are short of the B vitamin then you MUST plan your daily diet to include the whole complex of this important group. Full health can only be built from fresh natural foods which come from the garden, the health food shop, and the green grocery store.

No single vitamin has been proved to be an antidote to infection. General health is consistently better with the complete complex, and resistance to infection is a natural accompaniment to good health.

Many of the B vitamins are found in wheat, rice, maize, rye, and oats. Ripened grains contain a high percentage of carbohydrate in the form of starch. This is found in the inner part of the grain and is called the endosperm. Sperm means life initiator. The outer layers of the grain and the germ of the seed contain protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals; all in organic form from the plant. When flour is milled by modern methods the outer husk and the wheat germ (life force)are removed, and the fine white(death) flour contains very little of these natural nutrients.

White flour is said to have a "low extraction rate." This means that if you start with 100 pounds of wheat and make 70 pounds of flour then it will have a 70 percent extraction rate; 30 pounds of bran and wheat germ have been removed. A high extraction rate of between 80 and 90 percent denotes a whole-wheat flour with much of the natural bran and germ still in the flour. Whole-wheat bread is baked from this type of flour, but many loaves which are sold as brown bread may have been baked from white flour with some bran, wheat germ and coloring added. This is seldom made up to the high vitamin and mineral content of the original wheat grain but does contain more nutrients than a white loaf.


Beauty and Health Editor said...

I grew up taking vitamin supplements and so did my siblings, none of us ever really got any major sickness.

The brown equivalent of most foods tend to contain more fibre such as brown rice, brown pasta, brown wholegrain bread. They are generally healthier options which also contain more fibre which is good for removing waste from the body and keeping regular bowel movements.

I take some B vitamins and I notice an improvement in my hair and nails. Also, depending on what I eat, I notice a difference in my hair texture.

Its ME said...

Who need "supplements" ???
Our first parents never eat "supplements", because every vitamin and mineral necessary for the body can be found in abundance in fruits and vegetables. And all in organic form.

Fast forward to our generation, the controversy of whether or not supplements are necessary could fill the world wide web of its own. How did we manage for centuries without them? The manufacture and sale of these supplements is one of the ten largest businesses in today enterprises. They are real entrepreneurs in 'milking' the poor and ignoramuses. Supplement sales now generate 3-4 billion US dollars each year! Have you even wonder to what extent some of the claims one hears are commercially motivated. Notwithstanding, even with comments/recommendation from so-and-so health related 'experts'. Bear in mind, no 'expert's absolute.

In terms of your health there is a long list (still growing) of experts in the field of human nutrition, both inside and outside the medical community, who are expressing grave concerns over the health threat emerging from taking vitamin supplements and mineral supplements. For one instance, Dr. Myron Winick, the director of the Institute of Human Nutrition at Columbia University,USA, indicates that some old standby vitamins long considered totally innocuous are producing medical problems, and fatal liver damage (reported in the "Los Angeles Times", 20 December 1983).

Our human body actual need for natural vitamins and minerals has been grossly exaggerated. The normal amount of organic vitamins necessary for the human body for a FULL YEAR would not even fill a thimble.

So, do you need "supplements"? My daily pills are the natural fruits! The size of my "pills" is the size of my daily fruits. How big is your?

And that is the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA), which is TWICE what our actual needs are. These above statements may sound shocking, but they are the facts. Every vitamin and mineral necessary for your human body can be found in abundance and balanced in correct proportion in fruits and vegetables. Please eat them raw to benefit the optimal from nature. Our cooking and further processing only cause unbalance and denatured version, thus start an addiction symptoms cycle in our marvelous human body. The human body has such a small requirement for these elements that even if you ate only a small amount of FRESH fruits and vegetables, you would be meeting your personal requirements. The Creator of nature has designed to incorporate into your diet more than ample amounts of what you need, in their purest, most easily absorbable form. NOTHING is of quality that is found in fruits and vegetables, notwithstanding some of the advertising claims boasting that their product is 100% natural. Anything after factory-processed is no more natural in the purest sense. Being 100% natural would mean as it was created by nature. I personally have never seen a vitamin or mineral pill tree. Have you?

Man-made "supplements" are simply not what was intended for the human body. Hence, they use psychology programming of repetition ADVERTISEMENTS to sell their perspectives of human nutrition science. In the process of extracting and fractionating elements, they are rendered worthless. Vitamin supplements become toxic in the human body. (Source: Robert McCarter, Ph.D., and Elizabeth McCarter, Ph.D. 'A Statement on Vitamins,' 'Vitamins and Cures,' and 'Other Unnecessary Supplements.' health Reporter 11 (1984): 10,24. )