Saturday, July 31, 2010

You need Cholesterol to survive better health

THE MYTH OF TOXICITY : The belief that cholesterol is bad and should be kept as low a s possible.
Cholesterol is bad. Right? Nowhere is this as evident as in advertising.

Know your body facts: Cholesterol is a major component of the body. It is an integral component of cell walls. It forms the backbone of many important hormones required by the body.Include estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and cortisol. Cholesterol is the precursor for bile acids, which are important for digestion, and for vitamin D. Cholesterol is chemically a ringed-carbon compound with a backbone that forms the basis for all steroid compounds in the body.

Cholesterol is a very important part of the body. How important is it?
If you want to have a functioning brain, it becomes very important. It is found in high concentration in brain tissue. Any attempt to limit it or to lower it too great can actually create major problems. In fact, this is the main reason that cholesterol treatment in children used to be considered controversial - children's brains are still developing and there was concern that brain development might be stunted if cholesterol synthesis in the body was blocked. Notice that sentence again.The human body naturally synthesizes cholesterol. The human liver accounts for approximately 50 percent of all cholesterol synthesis, the gut for 15 percent and the skin for a large portion of the remainder. It is so important that virtually all cells with a nucleus in the human body have the capability of synthesizing cholesterol.

WARNING: High cholesterol count in the body is due to cellular prolonged dehydration. Attempts to lower the cholesterol number by anti-cholesterol drugs will only worsen the situation. Use re-hydration to properly hydrate the body to restore itself back to normal cholesterol production.

The fact that cholesterol is manufactured by the human body puts obvious limits on the amount you/your doctors can reduce cholesterol numbers by limiting dietary intake. The body needs cholesterol. It manufactures approximately 500 mg per day. It keeps cholesterol circulating in the blood. This is why, if put on a no-cholesterol diet, worse if on anti-cholesterol pills, the blood levels of cholesterol do not go to zero. The body will manufacture what is needed for cell repair, for the creation of the hormones in the human body, and other vital functions.

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