Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why war keep the people more healthier?

Since the end of the war there has been a marked increase in the death rate from many disease. During the war there was a marked decline in deaths from heart disease and diabetes and the general health of the nation improved. However, it must be remembered that this was a time when sugar was rationed and sweets and chocolate and many refined carbohydrate foods and fats were hard to obtain. Rationing helped to keep most people at their ideal weight or below it. Gardens, parks, and railway sidings were used to grew vegetables so that most households had an opportunity to obtain fresh fruits and vegetables. All these factors helped in improving health and reducing the incidence of many common but unnatural diseases.

Since the war we have also returned to white sugar, a high consumption of refined carbohydrate foods and fats, and for many people, less walking-exercise. Recent research has shown that there is a correlation between the incidence of heart disease and cancer of the colon with the amount of fiber in the diet. There is also evidence to show that overweight and overconsumption of sugar can increase the incidence of a form of diabetes known as "maturity onset diabetes."

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There is much to recommend the 100 percent whole-wheat loaf. It contains vitamins and minerals and it has a much higher fiber content that white bread, but it is important not to lose sight of the picture as a whole. A healthy diet daily must include all foods. The war years were full of stress and yet they still remain a rare example of what a diet should contain and show how a nation even in a time of limited food supplies.

Today, after 45th years of sovereign ruling, most of us can choose from a wide variety of foods, but we should aim to select and buy only the foods that will improve our health. it is often easier to follow a fashion and eat the wrong food than to spend a little extra time planning the menu. And yet it is this attitude which can make or break the chance of enjoying good health and healthy wealth national day.

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