Thursday, April 19, 2012

Colon Cancer

We received numerous emails from foreign countries asking for help. Like the walk-in cancer patients, not all, but most of them were only “shopping” for a magic bullet. We don’t have such magic potion at CA Care. After an earlier initial effort to help patients through the Internet, we have decided not to accept any more patients from foreign countries if they only send us emails. However,  a young lady from Africa made out a case for me to change my mind – at least an exception for her case. Why? This is because, I strongly believe in what I have written earlier. I have respect for those who are committed. Yes, even the grave would make way for such people!

Colon Cancer Part 1: Helping A Young, Relentless and Well-mannered Lady

Colon Cancer Part 2: Her Treatment in India

Colon Cancer Part 3: Our Privilege to Help This Determined African Lady Who Has So Much Common Sense

Fortunately, some of the people who have cancer don’t have pain. However, for those that have pain it is can leave you begging for death; even I found myself weighing the benefits of dying rather than continue to suffer the pain. If anyone has been in this kind of extreme pain, I don’t think there is anything in the world that can lead you to imagine “feeling good” when you don’t. It’s like someone being burned alive, you know your body is healing when the pain reduces even if the scars are yet to fully heal.
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