Monday, April 2, 2012

Helping Friends with TheHealingCodes

Help Heal, Save Your Friends Money & Be Paid a Referral Fee.  Your friends don't save money unless you refer them.

"What If You SUDDENLY Realized
Everything You Thought You Knew About Health Was A Lie?"

Instant Access! Discover secrets like...
* Dr. Ben Johnson, MD, describes your Secret Healing Software.
* The Center for Disease Control and Dr. Bruce Lipton on the Cause of 80% to 95% of all disease?
* Alex Loyd, PhD and Ben Johnson, MD on the Three Necessary Components of Healing?
* How Ben Johnson MD, cheated Death and recovered from Lou Gehrig's Disease.
* Learn How this has Worked for Pets, Children, Friends and Families
* How Others Are Restoring Their Health While Healing Their Lives, Happiness, Relationships and Finances
* You will find resources we are developing for you by those who are dedicated to discovering ways to improve our lives, health and happiness
* And much, much more through this Doorway...

 The Q Codes
So where did they come from?
"From the very start of The Healing Codes we have had healings reported from all over the world from almost any problem you can think of. But I had a few clients who were not yet getting the breakthrough results they had hoped for.
I started praying for a solution for them. I prayed for months, and one day while praying in my back yard by the creek, the answer came - and The Q Codes were born."
Dr. Alex Loyd
Why - Increased power!
Increased power means breakthrough results!
It's a law of physics (Newton's first law): with the correct frequency and enough power, you can change practically anything.
The Healing Codes supply the correct frequency.
The Q Codes dramatically increase the power!
The Q Codes are a booster for The Healing Codes. You cannot do them without The Healing Codes.
The result is greater results - and in less time!
It's that simple - More Powerful in Less Time!
And with The Q Codes package you'll get:
Additional Bonus:
With that said, your Q Code purchase includes this Special Bonus - Q2 Codes. Q2 Codes increase the power even more and do something different from The Healing Codes or Q Codes
Many people who have used both feel the Q2 Codes are even more effective than the Q Codes. This may very well be a personal preference. Solution - Do Both for Unbelievable power and results! You Choose!


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