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Some Letters to share with the world.

Eradicate Asthma - Now

Below are some letters I wrote to Mr. Cowley of Newsweek, inviting him to become part of the science-basedsolution to eradicate asthma. You can see he did not accept my invitation. If you ask him why, he will forget he is a science writer and should understand basic science. He will most probably say water is not yet a proven course of treatment! { watercure formula } I have tried the same process with many other science writers who are with major newspapers and magazines. I only use Mr. Cowley as an example because he could have done so much more than others, and he did not. They are all frightened of the final outcome of the information on water-cure many diseases of dehydration and its impact on the sick care system that they claim to understand and broker.

Attention : Mr. Geoffrey Cowley
Health and Science Editor
444 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
13 August, 1993

Dear Mr. Cowley:
  Further to my letter of 13 April 1993, I have pleasure in sending you a copy of Mr. Sam Biser's Health Newsletter. As you can see, he has devoted the whole of his newsletter to asthma and the associated conditions caused by chronic dehydration.

  I also have pleasure in sending you a list of my radio interviews and lectures about the water metabolism of the human body, and its emergency thirst signals, the subject of my book, "Your Body's Many Cries for Water."

The medicinal property of water in different  " disease conditions" is now exposed. The public will gradually begin to understand that many of the medical conditions that have been given professional labels of "disease" are no more than indicators of chronic dehydration -- some of the very conditions of unknown etiology that are discussed in medical textbooks. They will begin to understand they are not sick. they are only thirsty. As simple as that! That is when the health care system in this world  will gradually transform . Not by legislation, but by educating the people about the simple confusion in medicine that allows different dehydration-produced conditions of the human body to be treated with medications or invasive procedures.

  If the solution to many of the health problems of the public is simply a change in the lifestyle of their fluids intake, is there any good reason  why they should not be given this good news ? The sooner we disseminate this breakthrough information in medicine, the sooner we will be able to cut the health care costs in our nation. 
  I hope the above information  will touch  a sympathetic chord  with your open ind and inner person. 



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