Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Tracey's Spiral of Depression"

The astonishing but true story of...
"Tracey's Spiral of Depression"
   I want to share a story with you... this is a story about a young woman and her husband who started life together believing they were going to have that "happily ever after" kind of a marriage... well, it ended up being anything but "happily ever after."

   In less than three years they wanted a divorce. Life for them was almost unbearable. However, not wanting to throw in the towel just yet, they sought out help, and after seeing three doctors the woman was diagnosed as having severe depression.

   It was a "good news——bad news" situation... the bad news was that she had this probably all of her life, the good news was that it could be managed with medication. At least that's what they said!


   She tried the anti-depressants but as with most "treat the symptom not the cause" medicines, the side effects were worse than the benefits. This went on for more than 12 years of searching for something to ease her depression and get rid of the medication all the while Tracey began a downward spiral into deep depression.

Listen for your self and you be the judge about The Healing Codes effectiveness ...

   That 12 year search ended with me giving her The Healing Codes. After she applied them to her life, as unbelievable as it may seem... her depression was gone within 45 minutes and has NEVER returned!

   The reason I am telling you this story is that not all stories like this have a "happy ending." The tragedy is that too many individuals just like you are suffering needlessly every day giving their health over to "professionals" who don't really have it in their best interest for you to be well.

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