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No family history of cancer .....

No family history of cancer and yet end up with cancer of colon.........

by Tcm Physician Bob Koh on Monday, December 7, 2009 at 10:36am ·
Just met the lady owner of a vegetarian restaurant in the suburb of Taipei county today. She was baffled that her son got colon cancer when there is no family history of cancer both on her side as well as her husband's side.

When I treated my 1st cancer patient on 25th Mar 08, he was having a high meat diet for about 2-3 years prior to being diagnosed with cancer. And when I examined his X-rays I noted that he had nerve compression at his L4/L5.

In my 20 years of studying the root cause/s of cancer, besides emotional and mental issues, the above are two areas (viz diet and the whole muscoloskeletal structure) that I investigate when I want to find the root cause of cancer and to be able to treat the root cause, so that cancer will not relapsed/come back again.

I am pretty sure that if I study the restaurant owner son's X-rays and his diet, I will have a very good idea of why he had colon cancer despite the fact that there was no previous medical history of cancer in his family tree.

Conventional medicine does not study into these areas, and would just resort to surgery to remove the cancerous/disease section of the colon and to be followed by chemotherapy or RT. The chances that cancer will relapsed after such treatment protocol are very high indeed.

After 20 years of trials and error, I finally developed a non-invasive treatment protocol for most types of cancer from Stage Zero to Stage 3, without the need for surgery and chemotherapy. Small wonder patients begin to doubt the sincerity of mainstream medicine's methodologies in being able to treat cancer effectively.

Although I respect and acknowledge that besides the physiology and pathology aspects, emotional aspect of a patient is just as important, I feel that the above are two very fundamental areas that a healthcare provider should start to look in trying to find and develop a treatment plan to treat the root cause of cancer, with the view of delivering a non-invasive solution and also a permanent solution where cancer will not relapsed within 5 years in more than 80% of patients after treatment.

That was my original goal when I pursue the study for a non-invasive solution to the treatment of cancer 20 yrs ago. Now finally I have developed the methodologies for treating cancer effectively and without the horrendous side effects of chemotherapies or RT.

I would be very happy to cooperate with oncologist to deliver a more wholesome solution for the treatment of all types of cancer/carcinoma/sarcoma/lymphoma etc

All healthy individuals should be wary of preventive measures for cancer, and take efforts to implement it in their lifestyle.

For starters please avoid or reduced the intake of all deep fried foods, or any foods that does not make a positive contribution to the health and wellness of your body. Please do your due diligence and take X-rays to study if your whole muscoloskeletal structure is properly aligned. Taking care of these two areas will eliminate more than 70% of factors that contribute to a high risk to develop cancer.

Take care and best wishes.

Doc Bob

(friend of  Yang Po Tan)

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