Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Illusion of Cure

Suppression doesn't work in the long run. It is a form of resistance, and resistance always fosters the persistence of what we resist.

The real origin of disease is uncertain ; it is broadly societal, constitutional, and cosmic. Real things are cured finally by a process, not a particular medicine. Drugs, after all, are only a seeming realization of the fantasy of solving all wrong things at once.

A change in medical terminology is in order. It does not serve us well to allow a term like cure to be so casually abused. The  premise of the orthodox medical worldwide and its consequent therapeutic game plan virtually guarantee that genuine cure will be a rare and otherwise accidental event. Remember, all symptoms are distress signals from the defense mechanism of a disordered and imbalanced bioenergetic life force. Treating the symptom amounts to shooting the messenger, and will, at best, allow the continuation of the underlying disorder and, at worst, intensify the imbalance.

When people notice the new medicine movement now and are surprised at its swift rise and sudden popularity, they must not overlook that it is the fruition of much that was going on for a long time. It is a single common rallying point now. But its potential is barely yet realized. It is dynamite, for it challenges the principles of government and the principles of science too, and it holds the seeds of new values that might actually not be the old values in new clothing. It is simply another tyrant awaiting the convenient overthrow of the present regime. 

For all the many diseases that plague humankind, it seems that there are relatively few genuinely effective medical cures. Given all the money, effort, and research aimed at developing new treatments, real breakthroughs that help ease our struggles with human illness are rare. The very few so-called cures that are available tend to be accompanied by many nasty side effects. Not infrequently, it causes one to stop and wonder if the so-called cure is not worse than the disease. Yet the cost of quality health care continues to rise year after year, faster tahn all other expenses of daily living, and health industry bureaucrats and medical professionals continue to earn a healthy living as a result of those rising costs.

WE know that something is very wrong and yet WE cannot quite put a finger on it. People seem blinded to the realities of what is actually taking place. In fact, the medical systems receives mostly praise for all the good that it  does in spite of the problems that it poses for many of its patients. Glowing reports and feel-good stories appear regularly in newspapers and on the nightly news, while the side effects, casualties, and treatments gone wrong barely receive a mention.

In actuality, our nation is becoming sicker and sicker. Skyrocketing rates of allergies, asthma, autism, attention deficit disorder (ADD), depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, heart disease, sleep disorders, and more all slip by little explanation as to why they are increasing. Likewise, the widespread prevalence violence, greed, and factionalism are indicators of our collectively deteriorating mental and spiritual health. The experts are at a loss and, I suspect, do not really want to look closely because they might have to admit what they already intuitively know .  And the promise of the modern pharmacological panacea is perhaps the single greatest contributor to the overwhelming degradation of an environment upon which we depend for our very survival. The unavoidable truth is that the medical system is sick and it is making its patients sick. The nation with the "most advanced health care system in the world" cannot see that its Medical Emperor is wearing no clothes.

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