Monday, January 2, 2017




1. If you're in the United States and in need 
of help for an emergency service, call 211. 

2. Call the USA Silent Unity prayer line: 

3. Give money to wherever you received 
inspiration or encouragement. 

4. Buy something you want and can afford. 

5. Take action on an idea you have. 

6. Write a script of you being wealthy and 
how it feels. 

7. Watch the movie, The Secret 

8. Watch the movie, The Compass 

9. Watch the movie, Try It On Everything , 

10. Use EFT to help dissolve feelings of desperation. 

11. Turn off the mainstream news. 

12. Join or create a support group, such as 
Attract Miracles Online . 
www.attractmiracles . com 

13. Forgive yourself and others. 

122 Join Online Business One Click

Bonus: 29 Ways to Attract Money Now 

14. Read Think and Grow Rich. 

15. Turn a problem into a product and sell 
it online. 

16. Feel grateful for something you have. 

17. Practice the seven steps in Attract 
Money Now . 

18. Listen to The Secret to Attracting Money . 

19. Get a Miracles Coach , 

20. Pray. 

21. Create a vision board of what you want. 

22. Do 5 things each day on items on your 
vision board. 

23. Ask for help. 

24. Help someone else. 

25. Worship time, not money. 
Use your time wisely. 

26. Imagine what you would do if you won 
the lotto for $37 million. Do it. 

27. Do whatever you're afraid to do. 
Wealth is hiding behind your fear. 

28. Get a job. While you pursue your dream, 
feed yourself with work. 

29. Get clear of limiting beliefs about money 
using Morty Lefkoe's Belief Work or 

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