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President Barack Obama
Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a
certain poverty of ambition. It asks too little of 
yourself. Because it's only when you hitch your
wagon to something larger than yourself, that you
realize your true potential." - BARACK OBAMA 

IF YOU WON THE US-LOTTO for, say, $37 
million, what would you do? 

Yes, you'll buy the fancy car (or two), a big house 
(or two), and go on a world travel exotic vacation 
(or two). 

But after that - after you've explored the world 
and bought all the ice cream you could eat -
what will you do? 

Those who have achieved their goals are free to 
live a lifestyle that most people don't even know
exists.They aren't held by national borders or 
boundaries and move freely around the globe 
without the financial limitations and restrictions
of others. The ultimate freedom is to never worry
about where money is coming from. It just flows
to you. 

Occasionally we get a glimpse of this type of life 
when we see jet-setting celebrities. But most of 
those living a truly free life aren't like the 
celebrities, instead they are quiet and unassuming
. They have achieved everything they ever dream
-ed of and now spend their time enjoying every 
aspect of the world we live in and help millions 
of people around the globe. 

The fear and uncertainty that many people feel is 
not relevant to their income stream. Fortunes 
were made in every recession ever to hit the United 
States. As we move more toward an ever-
increasing global economy, new and upcoming 
entrepreneurs have a view toward opportunity - 
no matter where it comes from. The old days of
only being able to attract income in a local area
are gone. Now the world awaits us (you and me),
as Internet access has connected us, 

The Freedom to Live! 

people from all around the world, and opened up 
infinite creative possibilities. 

The principles that I've outlined in Attract Money 
Now will catapult you into this type of life. And it 
all starts with your thinking. You have to figure 
out where you are in your thought process right 
now. What limiting beliefs are standing in your 
way? Where did they come from and how do they
affect you? 

When I read a book or listen to an audio recording 
that really hits home, I take a few minutes to 
really think about what the author said. Do that
now. Are you willing to release the emotions you'
ve attached to money? Are you ready to release 
what you think it says about you? Let it go right 
now. Start at the beginning and make a decision 
to follow every step I've laid out, so you can 
receive the abundance and financial rewards that
await you. 

Start with your thinking. Be aware of all the 
negativity you're immersed in every day. It 
comes from movies, conversation, newspapers,
and negative people. Give yourself a break from
this constant stream of depressing news and fill
your mind with positive, uplifting concepts. Pay
attention to the three thieves and become aware
of how these old beliefs rob you of your future. 

Everyone thinks they understand money. Few
really do. You can step into the flow of wealth
and abundance as easily as you can step out of
it. This is the difference between a life of 
wonder, where you attract as much or more 
money than you need, and a life of struggle and
heartache. Always remember that you can
choose to step into the flow at any point as long
as you want to. There's no magic formula or 
secret decoder ring. Membership is open to
anyone who wants to join! 

I remember a friend of mine asking a wealthy 
person how he felt about taking risks in business. 
The wealthy man said, "I don't take risks." He 
went on to explain that he knows money is like
a river. He simply goes to the river and fills his
bucket. If he happens to spill some water - or
lose some money - he just goes back to the river
and refills his bucket. Where's the river? It's in
 his MIND. 

Please don't forget to give. Tithe 10% of your 
income and then take the next step and give 
beyond what you've ever given before. Open
the door wide to start the flow and circulation
of money through your life. Don't forget that
you'll receive in direct proportion to what you
give - so give a lot! 

Never deprive yourself of the things you want due 
to fear or guilt. Buy that new car or fancy lighter
if you choose! (Don't go into debt or ...


tap out your credit cards, though.) Life is to be 
enjoyed at every level, even if you don't have $1 
million in the bank. No matter where you are 
financially, the way you spend your money now 
will be reflected in what comes to you later. And 
while you're responsible to dig yourself out of 
whatever mess you are in, your attitude and how
you choose to spend your money will determine
what's attracted to you. Choose to spend in those
areas that give you pleasure and create positive
emotions, while you're getting your finances in

Asking for help will jump start your dreams. Don't 
hesitate to ask for help on your journey. Ask your 
mentors, as well as those who've achieved what 
you want to achieve. A mastermind group is a
great way to get the support and ideas you need to
get your new ideas and ventures off the ground.
Everyone wants the honor of being asked to help,
so don't hold out and try to do everything yourself.
You'll accomplish much more in less time if you
accept help from others. Asking the Divine, God 
or the Universe for help is also a great avenue to
increase your financial circulation. It gives you
an emotional release and opens your mind to
new and different opportunities. 

As you define your goals, spend time each day 
Nevillizing them. Imagine what it will be like when
you accomplish each and create an emotional 
connection. Hold this connection in your mind and
feel the emotions. This positive outpouring speeds
up the process. The more connected you are to 
your end result, the more focus, drive and 
creativity you'll have in completing it. When you
have your goals in mind, think like an entrepreneur.
See the options all around you to generate or 
increase the flow of money. 

We are social creatures, whom need contact, sup-
port and caring from others. As you grow, you'll 
have the opportunity to uplift everyone around 
you by sharing your experiences and ideals. Don't
overlook this opportunity to help those who need
it most. Remember that you were helped too. This 
will increase your circulation to the highest level, 
and it will allow you to have a positive impact on 
the world. 


Everyday, I take time to say thanks and express my
gratitude for the gifts and opportunities I receive. 
The expression of gratitude is a liberating release 
of powerful emotion that you send out into the
universe. As we've discussed, the stronger the
emotion you attach to something, the more likely
you'll get an abundance of it in return. 

The Freedom to Live! 

Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, 
As A Man Thinketh by James Allen and the 
Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles, 
are brilliant works emphasizing the importance of 
gratitude. The most successful people constantly 
express their humble and sincere gratitude. 

The value of gratitude does not solely exist for
getting more in the future. Without gratitude,
you'll inevitably be dissatisfied with things. The
moment you permit your mind to become dis-
satisfied with your current circumstances, you'll
lose ground and slide back into your old ways. 
If you fix your attention on the negative circum
-stances in your life, that focus will stop the 
flow of money and other good things that can 
help you. This can be a vicious cycle. Existing 
in a mindset filled with gratitude keeps you positive. 

Whatever we focus on - we attract. Focus on the 
positive and be grateful. Bigger and better things 
will come your way. When you dwell on the 
negative and inferior or the worst-case scenario, 
you're sending negativity out and will continually 
attract negative results. On the other hand, if you 
focus on the positives in your life and express 
sincere gratitude, you'll attract better circumstances. 
This is an unaltered, permanent law of being, that is 
at work all the time. There's no pause,stop or rewind.
You can become aware of the power of gratitude 
and work with it for your personal benefit. Or you
can deny this power and work against it, which will
provide negative results. 

It's necessary for us to deliberately and intentionally
form the habit of being aware of and grateful for 
every good thing that comes to us. Then we have to
continually give thanks. It's reported that Albert 
Einstein said "thank you" hundreds of times a day 
to his predecessors and the Universe, recognizing
the inspiring and creative thoughts that came to 
him daily. Einstein understood the power and 
benefits of being grateful. You can use this power
to fill each day with positive emotions. 

Express gratitude for everything that has come to 
you throughout your lifetime. You even need to 
express gratitude for the hard times, negative events
and bad hair days. Why?Because these were lessons 
(big and small) that you've benefited from. 

In addition to being grateful for what you have now,
you can also send thanks for things that will happen
to you. I call this "Thanking Forward." "Thanking
Forward" is being grateful in advance, as if you 
already have what you want before it shows up. It's
a Nevillization of gratitude! 


Scientific studies have consistently proven that 
significant achievements are reached after just 30 
days of Nevillizing (or visualizing with feeling the 
end result) a goal, event or material thing. Stop and 
think about what you've done over the past 30 days?
Did it go by in the wink of an eye? Now, I want you
to imagine your goal over the next 30 days and see
the difference it'll make in your life. 

Express your gratitude in the morning often before
you get out of bed, during the day and after you lay
down to go to sleep. All of this will shift the energy
you're sending out, and even more significantly, the
energy you're attracting into your life. It's not a 
complicated or difficult process, nor should it seem
like work. I like to express my gratitude from my
hot tub each evening. It doesn't really matter when, 
where or how you do this - just that you do it. 

If you're not used to expressing gratitude, you may
need to adjust your schedule and set aside a few 
minutes throughout the day to do it. You may even
need to put a reminder up on the bathroom mirror,
kitchen refrigerator or your computer. Shortly after,
you'll do this naturally and find yourself consistent
-ly sending out positive gratitude thoughts. In turn, 
you'll receive astounding results from every 
direction. Do this process intentionally until it 
becomes habit. You'll be amazed at how quickly 
people, events and circumstances will be naturally
attracted to you, as well as how quickly your 
financial circumstances change for the better. 

Gratitude can transform your mindset from focus-
ing on you to focusing on others. As we previously
discussed early on - when you focus on others, you
open yourself up to a tremendous amount of circu-
lation. Saying thanks for everyone in your life and
the events that have transpired work together to 
keep you constantly aware that you need others. 
We're all connected and cherish feeling 


Have you ever noticed that just about every TV in-
fomercial ends with a call to action? They all seem
to say, "Don't wait, act now!" This phrase is just as
applicable to you. Waiting to take advantage of an 
opportunity is a way to cheat yourself from attract-
ing additional income. Don't put it off or put this 
book down and think, "That's a great idea, I'll work
on it when I have time." You already have time, but
you're filling it with tasks that aren't really a 
number one priority. There's no better time than the

You're 100% responsible for your life and peace of 
mind. If you don't have peace of mind, you're 
wallowing in old limiting beliefs that are not 

The Freedom to Live! 

serving you. You must get your beliefs in order, so 
that you can attract money into your life. 

All the money in the world will not give you peace
of mind. So many people, maybe you, live in 
financial chaos. How many celebrities or wealthy 
people do you hear about who die sad and alone 
because they never found peace of mind? No other
person can give you peace. Running to teachers and
gurus for answers will not give you peace. Moving 
to a different location will not give you peace.
Peace does not come from outside you.It's 
obtained within you. The answers that you long for,
are already part of you. You just need to understand 
and practice them. Then you will lead the life you
've been longing for. Attaining peace is as simple as
this: Give peace and you'll receive peace. 

By the same token, if you express gratitude daily, 
you'll receive astounding rewards. The key is that 
you are thankful and express gratitude every 
moment of every day. Always turn the other cheek 
against adversity and misfortune. You must wish 
success on everyone else and show them love. 

Many people take the idea of giving to mean that 
whatever they send out comes back like a boome-
rang. While this is true for the most part, it doesn't 
mean that it will come back from the same source 
or in a scheduled amount of time. It only states that
you will receive equal (usually ten times more) to
what you have given. This applies to money, time, 
gratitude and caring. 

How often does a person truly give without the 
thought of getting something in return? When you 
give love, you expect love. When you give under-
standing to someone you expect someone to be 
understanding of you. When you give a gift you 
usually expect a gift back. You may even expect 
that the person you gave the gift to will like or 
respect you even more. Unfortunately, very few 
people will just give from the heart. 

When some people don't receive what they expect-
ed, or more, they have a tendency to feel hurt, 
hostile and even angry. Some twist things around 
and will quickly say that the Law of Attraction 
doesn't work and call it a sham. I feel sorry for 
these people. The anger and hostility are blocking 
their ability to attract, so they have no option other 
than spiraling downward. They will settle for a
mediocre life at best. 

Sometimes you may feel like you don't have a 
choice as to how your life will turn out. You do! 


One of my favorite scenes comes from the classic 
movie The Wizard of Oz. After the trials and 
tribulations that Dorothy faced on her journey she 
still hasn't found her way home. Glinda, the Good 
Witch of the North, tells Dorothy that she has 
always had the power inside her to get home. All 
she had to do was wish for it and she would return 
to her loved ones. I've always found this to be very 
symbolic of the journey many people take when 
they seek success. They try hard, only to find that it
was as simple as a thought. There is an old saying, 
"To Think Is to Create." This is how you start 
changing your life. You must be able to imagine it.
Then you'll attract the resources for it to come into 

So begins your journey of ultimate freedom. My 
friend and business colleague Peter Wink is another
great example of this. Peter had been dating many
women for years, never finding Ms. Right. Finally 
fed up one day, he wrote down exactly what he was
looking for in a woman. He wrote down exactly 
how she would look, talk, and carry herself. These 
were non-negotiable and he would never again 
bend on getting exactly what he wanted. He took 
this list and put it away in a drawer. The woman of
his dreams showed up less than a month later. He 
met her at a business meeting that he didn't even 
want to attend. He followed the universe as it gnaw
-ed at him to go to this meeting. They have now 
been together for eight years. It never would have 
happened if Peter had not set his goal, Nevillized it 
and took inspired action. By doing this he was final
-ly able to pick her out. This happens all the time! 

As you go through your plan, you'll reach the goals
you set. Then, you'll set new goals and strive 
toward them. So when do you know that you've 
finally made it? Hard to say. But when you do, take 
a deep breath and proclaim, "I've arrived!" This is 
different for every individual. Some have a 
particular benchmark. For some it's an amount of 
money. For others it may be a deadline. Then there
are some who leave it open-ended and just follow 
their gut instinct. Every time I complete a big goal, 
I set an even higher one. You may find this true of 
you as well. Once you find something you love do
-ing with passion, why would you ever stop? 

I think you will reach an abundant, fulfilling life 
much sooner than you realize once you start on 
your path to success. Few realize that success isn't 
a thing - it's an emotion. We feel successful — 
therefore we are successful. 

There are people perfectly content and happy 
working a mediocre job, raising their children and 
spending time with family. There is 

The Freedom to Live! 

no rule saying you have to be dissatisfied with any
of these elements of your life, or destitute on the
streets, to pursue long-term financial goals. This is 
merely a starting point. You can always improve. 
The path to success isn't about getting to a final 
point. It's about the journey. What will you 
discover about yourself and others as you go? What 
lessons will you learn and want to share with those 
who may one day approach you and ask you to 
mentor them? 

Journeying into an unknown territory is exciting 
and potentially frightening. It's this mixture of 
emotions that can confuse and distract you. Your 
mind will create fear as you strive toward your goal. 
If you let yourself dwell on that fear, it will mani-
fest itself in reality. 

You may have had the exhilaration and excitement 
of performing on stage. Even the most seasoned 
actor or singer can have butterflies in their stomach
before the curtain rises or the lights go out. It's 
almost as if the mind is giving a final warning 
before you get on stage. It's no different when 
you're striving toward big goals. It's scary and 
exciting at the same time. 


As you reach new heights of awareness and success,
 you'll also find that your life needs balance. It's not
 just about money.Money isn't the main priority and
never should be. There are other considerations like
family, health and your own emotional well-being.
Have you ever had a problem with your inner ear?
If you have, then you know what it feels like to feel
off balance. The world seems to spin and you
become disoriented. Disorientation can feel
exhilarating in the short-term. You never want to be
out of balance. A well-balanced life involves both
physical and emotional aspects. Living a well-
balanced life means balancing your goals while
taking time to enjoy the journey. If you want to live
a fulfilling, meaningful life, you have to make
adjustments and some tough choices. 

It would be very easy to live a balanced life in an
ideal world. What if you could sit down and write
the story of your life, as you want to live it? What
would you be like? What kind of possessions and
finances would you have? What would make you
happy? You have control over much of what will
happen in your life. You're not a helpless puppet
manipulated by people around you. You are able to 
make choices and decisions that will shape your

In the real world you're tasked with numerous
demands on your time and resources. You may feel
overwhelmed at times. When this 


occurs, you must make decisions about what you
can and cannot do. These decisions are based on
the goals you have, how you rank/ prioritize these
goals and how well you follow what you think is
right for you. 

Back in rougher days, I used to wonder if I had
what it takes to be a success. Now I know I do.
And so do you! I want you to stand in front of your
mirror everyday and say aloud, "I have what it

Trust me - you do! Soon you'll know it too. Repeat
the words "I have what it takes" over and over.
Type them up and hang them on your refrigerator,
wall or computer. Look at them each day and
believe in yourself. Self-talk is powerful, but most
of us talk ourselves down, not up. Be a cheerleader
for yourself. Encourage yourself. 

Embrace the changes in your life with a great,
positive attitude. Read the Optimist Creed every
day. Breathe it in. Commit to yourself that you will
do whatever it takes to attain your goals and live the
life you've always dreamed about. 

Also, remember to stay patient. Change doesn't
happen overnight and this will take time. Don't rush
through your plan. You'll end up skipping steps and
becoming frustrated. Remember that this is about 
the journey.You don't get to the top of the mountain
in one day. You get there step-by-step with dogged

Take time to appreciate who you are today and who
you want to become. Someday you'll look back and
be proud of the decisions that you're making today,
as well as the changes you're implementing. 

Listen and think before you speak. A big part of
learning is to be quiet and let others teach you. You
never know what you may miss if you're talking
instead of listening. Others may have valid input
and they want to give it to you. Let them. 

Don't fear change or uncertainty. Have faith in your
ability to solve any problem that you'll encounter.
Get the facts, do your homework and courageously
move forward. Don't let "risk" keep you from the
glorious rewards awaiting you. 

Wealth is often hiding under what you fear to do.
Face your fears and take inspired action. Dare
something worthy - and begin it today. The result
will be a new flow of money! That's how you
attract money now! 

The Freedom to Live! 



Step 1: Alter How You Think 

Step 2: Give Without Expectation 

Step 3: Prosperous Spending 

Step 4: Ask for Help 

Step 5: Nevillize Your Goals 

Step 6: Think Like an Entrepreneur 

Step 7: Help Your Community & Your World 



Work on becoming a mental magnet for money by
reading books, listening to audio recordings,
attending events designed to help you think more
powerfully and prosperously, and/or getting a 
Miracles Coach. 

Give money weekly to wherever you received
inspiration. Buy things that excite you without
going into debt. Pray for guidance and ask others
for help. 

Imagine attracting money now and what it feels
like to be wealthy. 

Listen for complaints and find ways to turn them
into products or services. 

Volunteer to help a cause or person you believe in. 



seven steps to attract money now. 

But now that you know them, what will you do next? 

Answer: You do whatever you're inspired to do to
begin the process of attracting money now. In other
words, don't sit on your butt and wait for money to
rain on you. Take inspired action RIGHT NOW. 

Many people have the information on what to do
and how to do it. The challenge is that they don't
implement it. If you keep on doing what you've
always done, you'll always have the results you
have right now. Isn't it time for a big change? Isn't
that time now? Don't you deserve the wealth and
happiness you've been longing for? 

Money is a powerful, positive tool. It's a vehicle for
accomplishing great things. You can help yourself,
your family, your friends, your community and the
world. With money, you can buy fun toys for your
-self. Admit it, you'd enjoy that. You'll also be
able to make a difference in areas you care about.
All you need is money. And now, with the seven-
step formula I've revealed to you, you can attract 
money now. 

I've done my part. I've written Attract Money
Now and put all the tools in your hands. The
next steps are yours.  

God speed to you. 
With love, 

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