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Using Water to Prevent Cancer

Cancer is my field of research on top of the other
things, and I presented the guest lecture of a cancer
conference in 1987. After my writings were evaluated
by the tumour-biology unit of King’s College Hospital
of London University, they realized what I was saying
made a lot of sense, so the chief of the department
went to the editor of “Anti-Cancer Research” and said
this is new information. And this man was an
eminent researcher in cancer, he had 70 original
papers to his name, and this was an entirely novel
piece of information to him. It took him about a year
to understand what I was saying, I had to stay with
him and guide him through the channels of
understanding. Anyway, they put up a conference
and they asked me to go and explain to the other
cancer researchers who were invited, eminent cancer
researchers from Europe, America and elsewhere, to
come and listen to this. I explained that pain is a sign
of dehydration, and my guest lecture was “Pain: The
Need for Paradigm Change” explaining that dehydration
is the origin of pain and disease in the human
body, including cancer.

Cancer cells are primitive and genetically selfish.
They are anaerobic, have low oxygen needs. They
reveal stem-cell characteristics in some cell-culture
media. In other words, this is a primitive cell that can
once again become something else. Once again, it
can develop into an organ or another thing. And this
is the mechanism, when the body is dehydrated and
the cells become reduced to their primitive form, and
from that primitive form a new life is supposed to
occur. Cancer production depends on a multi-factorial
system dysfunction, in other words, many systems
have to fail before cancer occurs. DNA damage is one.
Reduced efficiency of DNA repair-system; receptorbound
regulation, and immune system suppression.
These are the four main chemical pathways that
prevent cancer in the body, and in dehydration all of
them become damaged, and this is how it occurs.
When there isn’t enough water to wash the hydrogen
ion outside of the cell, take it out of the cell, this
hydrogen ion can damage the ‘fine print’ of the DNA
system. You’ve all seen these stone monuments that
pigeon droppings defaced; that’s acid. Now, if pigeon
droppings can eat into stone, then hydrogen ion can
easily eat into the flesh.

In dehydration we lose tryptophan, it becomes
an anti-oxidant, and yet tryptophan is part of a tripod
enzyme, lysine-tryptophan-lysine, that is involved in
a DNA quality-control system. So, in dehydration,
quality-control that recognizes DNA misprints, cuts
and splices and corrects the DNA misprint, becomes
disrupted because of tryptophan deficiency. In the
body, as you know, every cell is in a watery environment,
it depends for transfer of messenger systems
in watery environment, that would sit on the
receptors and stimulate the cells, so it is a means of
transport, a means of communication in the cell by
means of the receptors. In society we have these
dishes and electromagnetic pulses to give you all the
information in television and radio and telephone
communications. In the body, it is in the watery
environment, so in a dehydrated state, not only the
waterway in the cell membrane closes, but it also
begins to lose its receptor systems, because if there is
not enough circulation to bring the messenger proteins
to the receptors, then the cells don’t need to make the
receptors, and that’s how the mechanism begins.

Histamine increases calcium release because
calcium atoms, when they bind together, when they
bond and bind together, they trap one unit of ATP,
one unit of energy. Histamine has learned, or Nature
has designed it that histamine breaks this bond and
releases the ATP, so you get a lot of loose calcium in
dehydration, because when the energy of hydrolysis
is not there, when the energy of hydro-electricity is
not there, another source of energy has to be made
available, and the calcium bondage releases its energy
in the endoplasmic reticulum or in the bone structure.
Now, as it happens, excess calcium activates the
proteases and receptors are destroyed. And protein
kinase C, which is a protein kinase that activates
growth normally, and protein kinase C responds to
messenger systems, this protein kinase is broken
down and it becomes protein kinase M, which is an
autonomous protein, and that is how, once it is
triggered into activity, nothing stops it. A normal cell
has receptors, they know where their boundaries are
in a receptor-bound regulated system. But in a cell that
is becoming cancerous, these boundaries are not
recognized. And that is why cancer cells overgrow
one another and you get lumps, because of protein
kinase M. Now, the body is multi-system, and depending
on these receptors, in a cancerous environment,
a body that has gone the route of destroying its
receptors, in that area the cells have become autonomous,
they have inherited a selfishness that makes
them replicate constantly, but they don’t have the
receptors to stop boundaries, and that is how cancer
begins to develop and grow.

The other element is immune system suppression.
Histamine, once it is secreted, it activates its
receptors. Now, the suppressor cells to helper cells ratio
in the bone marrow is two to one, in other words, as
soon as histamine is released in dehydration, the
bone marrow becomes suppressed. Another thing is
that interleukin-1 is stimulated, interleukin-2 is
inhibited. Interleukin-2 is essential in defending the
body against bacteria, against cancer, against any
offending agent, because interleukin-2 stimulates
interferon production, and as you know the scientific
community has tried to use interferon to defend
against cancer. Now, the role of interferon is very
interesting; interferon stimulates indoleamine
dioxygenase, which breaks down tryptophan and
indoleamines and produces oxygen, ozone,
superoxide of anion and hydrogen peroxide. To an
anaerobic cell, oxygen is the kiss of death. When
dehydration inhibits interferon production, in effect
you are not producing the oxygen that is needed. This
superoxide of anion is actually designed to oxygenate
areas of inflammatory environment that do not get
oxygen because of the stagnant situation, so the cells
that are defending or repairing will get oxygen
manufactured for them on the spot, by the action of
interferon. In cancer production, this is stopped
because of lack of water.

Water As a Cure for Cancer

Dr. Lorraine Day is an orthopedic surgeon herself,
fifteen years the chief of orthopedic surgery at San
Francisco General Hospital. She had the lifestyle of a
surgeon, drank a lot of coffee and operated a lot, and
never drank water. Fifteen years of maybe three
glasses of water in a year. All of a sudden she developed
a cancer in her breast, and this thing grew very
fast. She was on her death-bed, she had changed her
lifestyle and started taking an alternative approach
to treatment of cancer because she knew that the
normal treatments wouldn’t work because she had
used them herself, and chemotherapy she thinks is
a poisonous system, which she had used before but it
never worked so she wasn’t going to use it for herself.
So, she stopped practicing medicine and went into
alternative medicine, but whatever she had wasn’t
working, she was totally bed-ridden, her husband
was giving her bed pans. And she told me this last
weekend actually, we were both lecturing at the same
time, she said, “I started praying to God and said, ‘I
did whatever I could, God, please guide me! What
am I supposed to do? I know that You don’t want me
to die, but tell me what to do.’” A friend of hers bought
a copy of my book. Someone had given her a copy of
my book, she had read it, she threw it aside and said
“it doesn’t apply to me.” But this time that she had
prayed to God and the book was presented to her
again, all of a sudden she woke up and said, “Maybe
this is it.” She started reading and realized that it
applied to her. She changed her lifestyle, the same
night she drank fifteen glasses of water, and she
gradually started improving. I’m not saying go out
and drink fifteen glasses of water. For God’s sake, don’t
do that! And she got better and better, and within
four months she was totally cancer free, although she
had had secondary cancers under her arm, in her liver
and elsewhere, she has been dying, virtually. The
doctors had given her no more than two weeks. So
water is a magical treatment, medication for diseases.

Prostate cancer, as you know, is very common. The
prostate gland enlarges when the body is acid, and
the reason is that the prostate gland contains a lot of
acid phosphatase that becomes active in an acid
medium, and this is a mechanism of developing
growth. And if the other mechanisms are there, the
prostate gland can become cancerous very easily. A
certain Air Force officer got a PSA test (Prostate-Specific
Antigen). His PSA had gone up, so he had a biopsy
done in Germany, and they proved it was cancerous.
He was sent to Walter Reed Hospital, and they
confirmed that he had cancer of the prostate. He had
read a copy of my book that his mother had given
him, and all of a sudden he wanted to go the
alternative route and he called me from Germany
and said, “Here, I want you to help me get rid of
cancer.” I said, “You know that you’re asking me a very
legally doubtful situation, I would be legally bound.
I’m not treating you. I can advise you what to do, the
selection would be yours.” He said, “Yes, I understood
that.” So I told him what to do, what to take and what
not to take. As it happens, he’s got three coffee plantations
in Panama, and he’s in love with coffee. I said,
“Sorry, that love has to go.” That’s the kiss of death.
And he loved his beer in Germany, oh my God. I said,
“That too. It can’t be.” So, he changed his lifestyle
because it was a question of his health. And within a
few weeks his PSA came down and he went to Walter
Reed in 2001 and they pronounced him totally cancer
free, and he has been cancer free ever since.

A young man I know, Andrew Bowman, was a
classic case of dehydration. He developed allergies at
the age of eight years, diabetes at 14, with neuropathy
at 26. He had asthma at the same time he had allergies
but needed treatment when he was 23. He had
immune system suppression, he had several bouts of
infectious mononucleosis, and of course when one
gets infectious ‘mono,’ once is enough, but he had it
three or four times. He had a lump on the left flank of
his side, they took it and biopsied it and it was positive
for lymphoma. He had a gallium test, the lymphoma
was all over his body, he just glowed with lymphoma
tissue. They offered him the orthodox treatment, they
said they would give him total body X-ray. They ‘fried’
him. He got burned, second- and third-degree burns
and he refused to do it any more, and none the less
the cancer was growing there. They told him to go
and put his affairs in order because he had no more
time, they gave him three
months at the time. He was
going through WilkesBarre,
Pennsylvania, and
we have some people interested
in this work, and he
met this man Bob Butts,
who is a proponent of the
water cure in northeast
Pennsylvania. He spent
hundreds of thousands of
dollars educating the people
in northeast Pennsylvania
about dehydration. He took
Andrew Bowman under his
wing and told him to drink
water. He contacted me, I
told him what to do. And in
November of 1995, that is a
few months later, he was
totally free of lymphoma.
He is still free of lymphoma.
He hasn’t looked back on
lymphoma. His diabetes, which is the only remnant
of the symptoms of his dehydration, he was taking
96 units of insulin, he’s now taking 36. His eye
problems disappeared, his leg problems disappeared,

they didn’t have to amputate it.

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