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Blocked Qi Release Technique (BQRT)

When you contact me, please state the following:
Name you prefer to be called:
Symptom and duration: (For example. lower left back pain for the last 3 years or right shoulder pain since 2010).
Your Location:
  • I will then reply you ASAP and ask for more info.
  • If you are bedridden or hospitalized, I regret to inform you that I am unable to assist you at the current moment.
  • I reserve the right not to entertain your message(s) should I determine that you are not suitable for me to assist and no explanation will be provided.
And for compensation for my time and energy, well, for the current moment you just donate in any form to any charity of your choice nearest to your location.
Once again, if you (or your loved ones) are suffering some sort of discomfort/pain (physical or emotion), you really got nothing to loose by contacting me as I am ready to help you achieve a better quality of life.


In traditional Chinese culture qi (also called Ch’i and pronounced as chee) is the vital energy that flows in every living organism. Similar concept to qi – gi (Korean), ki (Japanese) Prana (Indian), pneuma (ancient Greece), mana (Hawaiian), lung (Tibetan), ruah (Hebrew).

Basically, the flow of qi within a person will determine his/her well being. However, the flow of qi can be blocked (tangled, causing the flow to be disrupted) when the person experiences a significant event. And all of us experience many significant events in our lifetime, thus, this will result in many blocked qi within our body. Our body will adjust to the blocked qi and thus we may not feel any discomfort or our body may tolerate/accept it.
Having said the above, blocked qi can also happen because of events that may seem insignificant to us when our body is vulnerable (tired, sick, under stress, etc).
With time, because our inner life force energy flow is not perfect due to blocked qi (the vital energy flow is tangled and accumulated in a form of a ball, thus emitting vibration to the rest of our body); it will trigger problems to other parts of our body, our well being will eventually be affected and our body will tell us something is wrong by showing up as symptoms (e.g. migraines, shoulder pain, neck pain, etc).
Google the following subjects to have an insight about Qi and releasing blocked Qi:
1. Qi wikipedia. Qi is a Chinese word and is also known as Life Force and Vital Energy.
2. Blocked Qi Release Technique.

First thing first, you have to sign up for the Blocked Qi Release Technique Course. It is a four days course from 9am to 6pm.

 The Blocked Qi Release Technique was taught by the Master himself, Mr. C K Tan. The class had about 30 people from various faiths including 2 doctors and 4 engineers . Each and everyone of students were amazed with their new found skill to help not only themselves, their family members but others too. What impressed anyone most is, at the end of the four days seminar, all students experienced some kind of healing (may it be physical or emotion), were happier and a much loving bunch of people.
And the Blocked Qi Release Technique has nothing to do with religion, for it is not a religious seminar. Nobody is going to preach religion to the student and try to influence anyone on any religion. A person practicing the Blocked Qi Release Technique intention is purely to release the blocked qi that is affecting his/her or another person’s health; so that the person being “treated” can have a better quality of life.
Blocked Qi Release Technique Beginner and Advance courses by Master C K Tan .
In no way am I claiming that I can cure any diseases or you should you stop taking any of your medication.
If you are sick (e.g. fever, infected with a contagious disease) or suffer from physical injury (e.g. broken bone or have been shot), go see a doctor. However, if your doctor can’t assist or diagnose the cause of your discomfort which you are experiencing for months or years (e.g. migraine, wind, shoulder pain, back pain, hand pain, leg pain or any part of your body has issues) or other perpetual problems that is affecting your quality of life (e.g. eczema, insomnia, frequent anxiety attacks, can’t concentrate on your work, get agitated easily, ED and etc) and you have no one else to ask for help, then maybe I can assist you. As for removing addiction to cigarettes, that has nothing to do with blocked qi but purely one’s own choice.
Now I say maybe I can assist you, this is because I am not a miracle healer and sometimes your health issue may not be due to blocked qi but instead is due to other factors like parasites, environment (e.g. toxic gas or polluted water), allergies, toxins (e.g. alcohol, tobacco and drugs), geopathic stress (you should also google to read more about this) and etc. Basically, what I do is to determine if there are Blocked Qis related to your issue and release it so that your Qi (Vital Energy) flow improves and your body can heal itself.
So, if you (or your parent or your child or someone you know or even your pet) has issue(s) that is affecting your ability to live life to the fullest, you have nothing to lose by having me assist you or your loved ones to achieve a better quality of life by using Blocked Qi Release Technique.
With the Blocked Qi Release Technique, you will not experience any sort of pain since I am not going to insert any needles or put pressure on any part of your body. There are no side effects because I am not prescribing any sort of medication or supplements.
And if I cannot be of any assistance… well, you are no worst off compared to your current state. But if you do not try it, it may be your lost.
I am now offering my assistance to EVERYONE ON PLANET EARTH .

However, if you are nowhere near to where I am, I am still able to assist you in releasing your blocked Qi through long distance “healing”.


My very first case of helping another person after I completed the Blocked Qi Release Technique Seminar was on the morning of 25th May 2016. I have known this lady for more than a year. I asked her if she had any pain in her body? She said she had “waist” pain. I asked if she was experiencing the waist pain at that moment and she said no. So, I said, if you have no pain, how am I going to help you?
The lady then said that she has pain in her left knee. I then asked her how long she has been experiencing the pain and what is the scale of the pain at that moment. She replied that she has been having pain to her left knee for the last 6 months and she rated the pain at that moment to be 3 out of 10.
Now, I have something to work on, i.e. Left Knee Pain for last 6 months and pain level at 3.
I then tried to identify the blocked qi that is contributing to the lady’s left knee pain. After I released the blocked qi (the entire process took less than 10 minutes), I asked her what is the scale of the pain? Well, she then checked and to her surprised, she said the pain was gone. Well, I was surprised too as I did not expect the pain to immediately disappear completely!
This particular lady only had 1 blocked qi contributing to her left knee pain. Some people may have more than 1. If you recall, in my case, BY released more than 6 blocked qi that contributed to my extreme discomfort in the soles of my feet.
The next day at around 9pm, I whatsapp her to ask if she still had pain in her left knee. She replied, her left knee was okay and thanked me.
I tell you, the feeling of being able to assist this lady by relieving her suffering and her being grateful to me is the best feeling in the world 🙂


Last but not least, I would like to thank each and every one of you for reading this.
May you all be blessed with perpetual good health and happiness always 🙂
With love,


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