Friday, March 17, 2017

Prostate Cancer Cured by Water Cure (case 2)

This is another prostate cancer case cured by water cure .

Dear Dr. Batmanghelidj,

You will appreciate that Ken and I were not so much concerned with constructing a clinical record as we were with bringing to Ken's diagnosis of advanced, untreatable prostate cancer every healing resource that we could muster. I've reconstructed the events as best as I can from supplier invoices, Medicare documents, physicians' bills , and so forth. I'm also enclosing a photocopy of the lab reports developed from blood drawings and urine samples in Houston, TX.

PSA reading in June 4 and July 9 and the biopsy taken on July 9 certainly confirm Dr. Syperd's recommendations that Ken should forgo any kind of treatment and expect to die within 18 months of the prostate cancer. I ordered your books, videotapes, and audiotapes on July 6 and likely received them about July 14. I ordered Concern trace on July 13 and probably received it about July 21.

No doubt at all exists that Ken's experience with increased water intake began after the second PSA reading (50.8) was taken.  In my recollection Ken began the regimen the day after your book and videotapes were received. For five days Ken's urine was such a dark brown and so danky smelly that we were alarmed.  "Tt's the cancer cells being expelled," I encouraged him. Ken was sweating profusely and with an acrid, repellent odor. He had to change his bed lines and his clothes (after a shower) several times a day. Ken was drinking from 11 to 13 glasses (8 oz water in a 10 oz glass) of home-distilled water each day. He began each day as you suggested with two glasses of water. Abruptly in the mid afternoon of the fifth day, ken's urine appeared clear and his sweating diminished and returned to its ordinary odor.

Exactly when Ken began adding ConcernTrace to our home-distilled water I can't be certain.  ken didn't like the taste of 30 drops/gallon and for a few days he experimented with the amount, finally settling on 18 drops/gallon.

Ever since we purchased the home distiller from Sears  several years ago I've been nagging him to enhance the water with minerals.  In 1967 I had collapsed with clinical depression, which in 1970 was attributed to a gross calcium/magnesium imbalance resulting from my drinking water treated by a Culligan water softener.  Since those days, I've been dedicated to mineral supplements.  Ken, however , had done nothing to replace the minerals lost by distilling our water.

When the pre-treatment PSA report came back to the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Ken was asked how is PSA could have dropped so dramatically, Ken brought the question to me, and it was several days before I realized that the only thing different between the 2nd PSA reading and the 3rd was his greatly increased water intake.  Ken had always drunk copious amounts of coffee each day, but only one glass of water, and that's with his dinner.

Ken's tumor appears to be defeated, and the cancer cells in his bone tissue appear to be retreating.  Ken continues to drink 8 glasses of water each day.

You are welcome to use any of these documents in any way you wish.


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