Friday, March 3, 2017

Good Means Good (The Secret)

Most people understand how it feels to feel good or really bad but don't realize they are living with negative feelings a lot of the time. People think that feeling bad means feeling extremely negativity, such as sadness, grief, anger, or fear, and while feeling bad does include all those feelings, negative feelings come in many degrees. 

If I feel "okay" most of the time, I may think that feeling "Okay" is a positive feeling because I don't feel really bad. If I have been feeling really bad and I now feel okay then most certainly feeling okay is far better than feeling really bad.  But feeling okay most of the time is a negative  feelings, because feeling okay is not feeling good. feeling good means feeling good ! Good feelings mean I am happy , joyful, excited, enthusiastic, or passionate. When I am feeling okay, average, or I am not really feeling anything much at all, then my life will be okay average, or not much at all ! That is not a good life. Good feelings mean I feel really good, and feeling really good is what brings a really good life!

The measure of love is love without measure. 
The measure of good feelings is good feelings without measure.

When I am feeling joyful, I am giving joy, and I'll receive back joyful experiences, joyful situations, and joyful people, wherever I go. From the smallest experience of my favorite song playing on the radio to bigger experiences of receiving a pay raise - all of the circumstances I experience  are the law of attraction responding to my feeling of joy. When I am feeling irritated, I am giving irritation, and I'll receive back irritating experiences, irritating situations, and irritation of mosquito, to the bigger irritation of my car breaking down, all of these experiences are the law of attraction responding to my irritation. 

Every good feeling unites me with the force of love, because love is the source of all good feelings. Feelings of enthusiasm, excitement, and passion come from love, and when I feel any of them consistently, they give me a life  filled with enthusiastic, exciting, and passionate things. 

I can harness the power of a good feeling to the fullest by turning up its volume. To turn up the volume of a feeling, take charge of it and deliberately intensify it so I feel as good as I can. To amplify enthusiasm, revel in the feeling of enthusiasm ; milk the feeling for all that I can by feeling it intensely! When I feel passion or excitement, revel in those feelings and intensify them by feeling them as deeply as I can.  The more I amplify my good feelings, the greater the love I give, and the results I will receive back in my life will be nothing short of spectacular. 

When I am feeling any good feeling, I ca also amplify it by looking for things I love.  Before sitting down to write this blog, each day I spent several minutes amplifying my good feelings. To amplify my good feelings, I thought about all the things I love. I counted the things I love nonstop one after the other ; my family, my friends, my home sweet home, my flowers on the vast garden, the wonderful weather, beautiful colours, amazing situations, fantastic events, and good things I loved that happened during the week, month, or year. I kept listing everything I love in my mind until I felt amazing. Then I sat down to write, It's as easy as that to amplify my good feelings, and I can do it anywhere, at any time. 

My Feelings Reflect What I'm Giving

I can tell right now in the major areas of my life whether I have been giving more good feelings or more bad feelings. How I feel about each subject in my life, such as money, health, my job, and every individual relationship, is an exact reflection of what I have been giving out on each subject.

When I think about money, my feelings reflect what I am giving about money. if I feel bad when I think about money, because I don't have enough, I must receive back negative circumstances and experiences of not having enough money - because that is the negative felling I am giving. 

When I think about my job, my feelings tell me what I am giving about my job. if I feel good about my job, I must receive back positive circumstances and experiences in my job - because that is the positive feeling I am giving. When I thin about my family, my health, or any subject that is important to me, my feelings tell me what I am giving.

Be careful of my moods and feelings, for there is an unbroken connection between my feelings and my visible world. 

Life is not happening to me; life is responding to me. Life is my call ! Every area of my life in my call. I am the creator of my life. I am the writer of my life story. i am the director of my life movie. I decide what my life will be - by what I give out. 

There are infinite levels of good feelings I can feel, which means there's no end to the heights of the life I can receive. There are also many levels of bad feelings that become increasingly negative, but with bad feelings there is a bottom limit beyond which I can't endure, which forces me to choose good feelings again.

It's not a fluke or an accident that good feelings feel amazing and that bad feelings feel really bad. Love is the supreme ruling power of life, and it calls me and attracts me through my good feelings, so I will live the life I am meant to live. Love  also calls me through my bad feelings, because they tell me that I am disconnected from the positive force of life ! 

Everything Is About How I Feel

Everything .....

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