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Hands Numb in The Morning. Why?

Why are my hands and arms numb every morning when I first get up? I am not sleeping any different than I always have. I thought maybe carpal tunnel but even my pinkys are numb and I thought carpel tunnel excluded the pinky. It's been like this for about a month.

Sometimes the median nerve innervate the small finger. Some times it's a combination of cts and cubital tunnel syndrome, which affects the ulnar nerve at the elbow. This combination causes numbness in all fingers. Cervical problems can also be a culprit.

1.Nerve (Overview)

The brain and spinal cord communicates with what is occurring in the internal organs and limbs by nerve fibers where are like electrical wires with insulation (myelin) and the "copper" (axon). Within brain and spinal cord these nerves connect to other nerves via synapses on both axons and dendrites. A nerve can carry information regarding sensations, and also commands for function.

2. Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (Overview)
This is entrapment or compression at the level of the elbow of the ulnar,nerve. Occurs along course of nerve somewhere between the arcade of Struther's down to the flexor carpi ulnaris. Results in numbness of little finger and half of ring finger, and weakness of intrinsic muscles of the hand. Most common level of compression is at level of medial epicondyle.
The causes of hand numbness in morning can be attributed to these conditions:

  • Inappropriate sleeping position
  • Nutritional deficiency in vitamin B12
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Peripheral Neuropathy is often detected with the feeling of having numbness in the hands that lasts for some time.

How to Get Rid of Hand Numbing

To be able to treat numbness and loss of sensation in the hands, home remedies and tips to get rid of numb hands in morning should be sought.

  • Consume rosemary, matricaria recutita, and gingko biloba as these herbs help heal nerve damages.

  • Biochemic tissue salts like magnesium phosphate, kalium phosphate, and ferrum phosphoricum. They provide the nutritional needs of the brain and the nerves to promote systemic balance in the nervous system.

  • Homeopathic remedies play a significant role in healing nerve damage causing numbness.

  • Tamarind leaves can also help relieve the numbness in hands.

  • Slowly move your hands and stretch for a few seconds. Try this right every time you wake up.

  • Pain and numbness in both the hands may have many reasons. One of the foremost reasons is vitamin B deficiency. Other reason can be due to improper posture while sleeping. Carpel tunnel syndrome may also cause numbness, but is usually unilateral meaning one sided. However, it can also be a presenting symptom in both hands if a nerve in both hands is compressed. It can also be due to pinched nerve in cervical vertebra. These tips may help to alleviate the problem:
    • Eat green leafy vegetables, fruits, spinach, lean meat, eggs, milk, etc. All are rich in various B vitamins.
    • Avoid lifting heavy objects.
    • Do gentle exercises.
    • Avoid drinking alcohol.
    • Change your sleeping position if you feel sleeping in one position is the cause.
    If you do not find relief within few days consult your physician.

    Numbness in Left Hand Causes, Home Remedies:

    While most people may be alarmed at the left hand becoming numb, the truth is that it may not be a truly serious condition that merits worrying. Most cases of numbness on the left hand are due to carpal tunnel syndrome. It may start with just numb fingertips, but gradually the tingling sensation could spread across you entire hand.

    Carpal tunnel syndrome is an affliction in the wrist area that may cause numbness of the hands.

    Another reason for left arm pain and numbness is due to repetitive motion. This is true especially for those who are lefties and who use there left hands more often than the right hand. When this happens, there may be a compression of the nerves and is quite painful.

    Another cause for numbness in the left hand is due to a certain disease that causes an intense pain that is sometimes described by patients like having hot needles prickling one’s hands. A common disease that causes this condition is rheumatism and gout problems.
    If the numbness begins in the left hand but spreads into the other parts of the body, the condition may be due to circulatory problems. This is also true when there is a sudden numbness of the hands. Sometimes there is left arm numbness and tingling.  This is a true cause for concern because it can serve as clue for an impending heart attack or stroke. In this case, one should immediately seek medical attention once the condition is encountered due to the life-threatening nature of the two ailments.

    Treatment of Numbness in Hands

    Unless the condition is very serious, such as when there is an impending stroke, one can apply home remedies for numbness in the hands. The following are some of the home remedies:
    • Dip the affected hand in lukewarm water. This will allow some relief from hand numbness. For better result, try to mix at least a tablespoon of rock salt into the water.

    • One may also try cold treatments for numb hand. This is done by dipping the affected hand into a basin of cold water or a basin filled with ice. The cold temperature will soothe the numbing pain.

    • Another home remedy is to warm a handful of tamarind leaves over a low flame. When the leaves are heated, wrap them on a handkerchief or any piece of cloth. Tape the cloth containing the heated tamarind leaves to the affected part to relieve numbness. One may also try the same remedy but using ginger instead.

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