Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Law of Love ( The Secret)

The Law of Love

The universe is governed by natural laws. We can fly in an airplane because aviation works in harmony with natural laws.  The laws of physics didn't change for us to be able to fly, but we found a way to work in accordance with the natural laws, and by doing so we can fly. Just as laws of physics govern aviation, electricity , and gravity there is a law that governs love. To harness the positive force of love and change my life, I must understand its law, the most powerful law in the universe - the law of attraction.

From the greatest to the smallest - the law of attraction is what holds every star in the universe and forms every atom and molecule.  The force of attraction of the sun holds the planets in our solar system, keeping them from hurtling into space.  The force pf attraction in gravity holds me and every person, animal, plant, and mineral on earth.  The force of attraction can be seen in all of nature from a flower attracting  bees or a seed attracting nutrients from the soil, to every living creature being attracted to its own species. The force of attraction operates through all the animals on the earth, fish in the sea, and birds in the sky, leading them to multiply and form herds, schools, and flocks. The force of attraction holds together the cells of my body, the materials of my house, and the water in my body, the materials of my house, and the furniture I sit on, and it holds my transportation on the road and the water in my glass.  Every object I use is held together by the force of attraction.  

Attraction is the force that draws people to other people. It draws people to form cities and nations, groups, clubs, and societies where they share common interests.  It is the force that pulls one person to science and another to cooking recipes ; it pulls people to various sports or to different styles of music, to certain animals and pets.  Attraction is the force that draws me to my favorite things and places, and it's the force that draws me to my friends and the people I love. 

The Attractive Force of Love

So what is the force of attraction?  The force of attraction is the force of love ! Attraction is love. When I feel an attraction to my favorite food, I am feeling love for that food ; without attraction , I wouldn't feel anything. All food would be the same to me. I wouldn't know what I love or what I don't love, because I wouldn't be attracted to anything.  I wouldn't be attracted to another person, a particular city, house, car, sport, job, music, clothes or anything in life, because it's through the force of attraction that I feel love ! 

The law of attraction or the law of love . . .  they are one and the same. 

The law of attraction is the law of love, and it is the all-powerful law that keeps everything in harmony, from countless galaxies to atoms. It is operating in everything and through everything in the universe.  And it is the law that is operating in my life. 

In universal terms, the law of attraction says : like attracts like.  What that means in simple terms for my life is : what I give out, I receive back. Whatever I give out in life is what I receive back in life. Whatever I give, by the law of attraction, is exactly what I attract back to myself. 

To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. 

Every action of giving creates an opposite action of receiving and what I receive is always equal to what I have given.  Whatever I give out in life, must return to me.  It is the physics and the mathematics of the universe. 

Give positivity, I receive back positivity, give negativity, I receive back negativity . Give positivity and I receive back a life full of positive things. Give negativity and I receive back a life filled with negative things.  And how do I give positivity or negativity ? Through my thoughts and my feelings ! 

In any moment, I am giving either positive thoughts or negative thoughts.  I am giving either positive feelings or negative feelings.  And whether They're positive or negative will determine what I receive back in my life. All the people, circumstances , and events that make up every moment of my life are being attracted  back to me through the thoughts and feelings I am giving out. Life doesn't just happen to me ; I receive everything in my life based on what I have given

Give and it will be given to you ... for by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return. 

What I give -- I receive. Give help and support to a friend when he's moving house, and most surely that help and support will return to me with lightning speed. 

Give anger to a family member who let me down, and that anger will also return to me, clothed in the circumstances of my life. 

I am creating my life with my thoughts and my feelings. Whatever I think and feel creates everything that happens to me and everything I experience in my life. If I think and feel, ' I've got a difficult and stressful day today," then I will attract  back to me all people, circumstances, and events that will make my day difficult and stressful.

If I think and feel, "Life is really good to me, " I will attract back to me all people, circumstances , and events that will make life really good for me. 

I Am A Magnet 

The law of attraction is unfailingly giving me every single thing in my life based on what I am giving out. I magnetize and receive the circumstances of wealth, health, relationships, my job, and every single event and experience in my life, based on the thoughts and feelings I am giving out. Give out positive thoughts and feelings about money, and I magnetize positive circumstances, people, and events that bring more money to me. Give out negative thoughts and feelings about money, and I magnetize negative circumstances, people, and events that cause me to have a lack of money. 

Whether humanity will consciously follow the law of love, I do not know. But that need not disturb me. The law of love will work just as the law of gravitation works whether we accept it or not. 

As surely as I think and feel, the law of attraction is responding to me. It doesn't matter whether my thoughts and feelings are good or bad, I am giving them out, and they will return to me as automatically and precisely as an echo returns the same words i send out. But this means that I can change my life by changing my thoughts and feelings. Give positive thoughts and feelings, and i will change my entire life ! 

Positive and Negative Thoughts

My thought ...

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