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There's No Money in Spinach

The science of nutrition has been retarded because there’s no money in spinach. 

A patented pill that promises to relieve some ailment gets widely distributed and lavishly advertised, but a specific vitamin that promises to relieve some ailment has to be discovered by word of mouth hearsay.

Dr. Batmanghelidj of Falls church Virginia is certain that much arthritis can be remedied “just by drinking water.”
He is having to be his own missionary, promoting his idea with articles in professional journals and with a book called, “Your body’s Many Cries for Water.”

Lloyd palmer of Minnesota suffered from arthritis of the spinal column for thirty years.  Gradually the disease ankylosed.  Ankylosing spondylosis is the kind that leaves a patient so crippled, so bent over, that Palmer describes himself as a walking comma. But he read Dr. B.’s book and started drinking copious amounts of water, with some added sea salt.  He is now pain free and his blood pressure is normal. 

The same book cites medical histories of individuals suffering ulcers, asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue, breast cancer, impotency, and depression who responded to increased intake of pure water, at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. 

The water remedy, as it applies to arthritis pain presumes that chronically painful joint conditions is a signal of water deficiency in the area where the pain is felt. The pain occurs because there is not enough water circulation to wash out the local acidity and toxic substances.  Cartilage is a gelatin like living tissue, the cells of which like to live in an alkaline environment.  The alkalinity of the medium is dependent on the flow of water through its substance, water that would wash away the acid.  

Why added salt?  Salt helps to extract the acidity and carry it away from the medium.

Paul Harvey, doesn’t a water cure sound more like a placebo than a valid remedy?  Maybe it is, or maybe that’s why its significance has been overlooked.

WaterCure Stories from Paul Harvey News

There's No Money in Spinach

by Paul Harvey


Aaron's Letter

The following is a thank you letter sent to Paul Harvey on a story he did on the watercure.

Dear sir,

My ten year old son Aaron was diagnosed with asthma and allergies to almost everything but foods.  He had suffered most of the fall and winter with nasal congestion, coughing and a constant need to clear his throat.  When these symptoms didn’t respond to traditional treatments, our pediatrician referred us to an allergy specialist. 

The allergist prescribed 5 different medications & inhalers to use 3 times a day and gave us a booklet on how we need to change our lives and environment.  After this appointment, my very happy, active child was upset, scared and depressed.  Then I heard the end of a Paul Harvey broadcast about a doctor treating asthma and allergies with water.  My initial reaction was skeptical. 

As I started my son on medications and within 2 days of beginning medication, he felt worse.  His mouth and throat burned.  The medicine made him irritable, drowsy and sun sensitive.  At this point I decided to investigate your broadcast further.  I called your main office and was given the phone number to contact Global Health Solutions.  I ordered Dr. Batmanghelidj’s book, “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water.”  I was also given a phone number to call Dr. B. if I desired.  I started my son on his recommended re-hydration program with a little added salt and after less than a week his symptoms have almost completely stopped.  He is feeling great and taking no medications. 

Based upon my experience, I request, plead and implore you to please continue to help get this information to the general public.  Your broadcast saved our family much emotional and financial distress that could have gone on for years.  My son was ill and we were distressed, but many children actually die from this condition every year. 

Dr. B. has committed himself to get this information to the public in whatever way he can.  The medical profession will not listen.  He has tried that.  It is a terrible crime that so many are suffering when the solution is so simple and readily obtainable.  Dr. Batmanghelidj’s research and commitment is truly a gift and applies to the entire world.

Thank you again and again.  We are very grateful.

Christine Bursian, Traverse City, Minnesota.

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