Sunday, December 28, 2008


To "believe" is to look beyond personal ethical, religious and moral values towards a larger social and community framework.

To believe is to explore the matrix of beliefs and convictions that dominates our imaginations and our thoughts.

Believing is going beyond the deeper insight of your thought. "I think..." is not the same as "I believe ..." The former is the perception within the five senses realm, while the latter is the experience within the spirit of the higher realm.

Beliefs are as a potent mix of pragmatism, capitalism, humanism, delusions and superstitions (until proven otherwise) that shape the way we think and interpret the real world, mould desires, guide actions and fortify the will in our being.

To believe is to render in our being signature sepia hues, alludes to the tenacity of people's beliefs in the face of change, and the contradictions that arise when other people chose to live out their beliefs.

To believe is to each with one's own unique aesthetic talents, perspectives and eye for detail. Beliefs give their personalised interpretations of various themes, each embodying its own spirit, attitude and sensibility.

Through the eloquence of one's images of beliefs and conceptual themes are meant to be evocative and expressive - "Explore", "Enrich", "Indulge", "Savour", etc, as 'trigger-words', they are intended to set off a chain of one's associations and references that would inspire the believers to think and believe about certain facets of reality and visually interpret our being through these beliefs or concepts.

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