Monday, December 8, 2008

Planting Trees

On Day 15(Saturday), Month November, Year 2008
Time Started 8:00 am
Venue : Admiralty Park (assembled at Republic Polytechnic)

Singapore Technologies Engineering Achieved
1st SBOR record is "Most Number Of People Planting Trees At The Same Time"
2nd SBOR record is "Most Number of Tress Planted at One Location"

"Green Living" Event officially graced by Guest of Honor Dr Mohammad Maliki Bin Osman, Singapore Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry Of National Development, Member of Parliament for Sembawang GRC.

Year 1872, Tree planting idea started by Julius .........

Lifespan of a 100 years-old tree absolved 1 ton of carbon dioxide (CO2). 2008 trees planted today will absorb 2008 tons of CO2 for the next 100 years from today. And these trees also reproduce fresh oxygen into our breathing atmosphere.

About 1,600 employees from four different business units participated.

Thanks and appreciation from residents, and MP of Admiralty Neighbourhood. "Thank you, ST Engineering staff and families members for your great efforts and generosity to us in particular, also thank you Republic Polytechnic for hosting the ST Engineering's Trees Planting Record Breaking Event. Planting two thousand and eight tress simultaneously at one same location , Admiralty Park (along Riverside Road and Admiralty Road West)

Tree Planting in Singapore was first started by the then Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew in 1963.

There are 2,900 species of trees in Singapore.

I planted a cratoxylum cochin chinese tree at the plot of 600 trees, nearest to the Park North Entrance. Met and made friends with Koh See Kiat(from ST Electronic, Ang Mo KIo) and his two children, Sean in Primary 3 and Nicole in Primary 1.

At this park you get to see first hand the urban park and nature park,mangrove and Nypa fructicoms (Nipah Palm),the unripe fruits are often used in Singapore local desserts such as "ice kacang" (Malay for ice bean).

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