Monday, December 8, 2008

Patrick Moore believes .....

that trees are the answer to a lot of questions about our future.

" I, Patrick Moore, believe that trees are the answer to a lot of questions about our future. These include:-
1.How can we advance to a more sustainable economy based on renewable fuels and material?

2.How can we improve literacy and sanitation in developing countries while reversing deforestation and protecting wildlife at the same time?

3.How can we pull carbon out of the atmosphere and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emissions, carbon dioxide in particular?

4.How can we increase the amount of land that will support a greater diversity of species?

5.How can we help prevent soil erosion and provide clean air and water?

6.How can we make this world more beautiful and green?

The answer is, by growing more tress and then using more wood, both as a substitute for non-renewable fossil fuels and material such as steel, concrete and plastic, glass, and as paper products for printing, packaging and sanitation.

The forest industry stands accused of some very serious crimes against the environment. It is charged with the extinction of tens of thousands of species, the deforestation of vast areas of the Earth, and the total and irreversible destruction of the ecosystem. If I were one of the urban majority, and I thought the forest industry was causing the irreversible destruction of the environment I wouldn't care how many jobs it created or how many communities depended on it, I would be against it."

My Environmentalism Background
I have spent the last 15 years trying to understand the relationship between forestry and the environment, to separate fact from friction, myth from reality. Since 1991 I have chaired the Sustainable Forestry Committee of the Forest Alliance of British Columbia. This has provided ideal opportunity to explore all aspects of the subject.

This presentation is the synthesis of what I have learned. But first, let me give you a little background.

I, Patrick Moore, was born and raised in the tiny fishing and logging village of Winter Harbour on the northwest tip of Vancouver Island, in the rain-forest by the Pacific. I didn't realize what a blessed childhood I'd had, playing on the tidal flats by the salmon spawning streams in the rainforest, until I was shipped away to boarding school in Vancouver at age fourteen(14), I eventually attended the University of BC (British Columbia) studying the life sciences: biology, forestry, genetics; but it was when I discovered ecology that I realized that through science I could gain an insight into the mystery of the rainforest I had known as a child. I became a born-again ecologist, and in the late 1960's, was soon transformed into a radical environmental activist. i found myself in a church basement in Vancouver with a like-minded group of people, planning a protest campaign against United States of America hydrogen bomb testing in Alaska. We proved that a somewhat rag-tag looking group of activists could sail a leaky old halibut boat across the north Pacific ocean and change the course of history. By creating a focal point for opposition to the tests we got on national TV news in Canada and the US, building a ground swell of opposition to nuclear testing in both countries. When that bomb went off in November 1971 it was the last hydrogen bomb ever detonated on planet Earth. Even though there were four more tests planned in the series, President Richard Nixon canceled them due to the public opposition. This was the birth of Greenpeace.

Flushed with victory and knowing we could bring about change by getting up and doing something, we were welcomed into the longhouse of the Kwakiutl Nation at Alert Bay near the north end of Vancouver Island where we were doing. This began the tradition of the Warriors of the Rainbow, after a Cree legend that said that one day when the skies are black and the birds fall dead on the ground and the rivers are poisoned, people of all races, colors and creeds will join together to form the Warriors of the Rainbow to save the Earth from environmental destruction. We named our ship the Rainbow Warrior and I spent fifteen(15) years on the front lines of the eco-movement as we evolved and grew from that church basement into the world's largest environmental activist organization, Greenpeace.

Changing from Confrontation to Consesus Building


Yellowfruit said...

People definitely need to stop cutting down trees. Their really important to Earth. By the way thanks for stopping at my bog and wishing me happy holidays.

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