Sunday, December 28, 2008



The term “relax” is seldom used in relation to cities like Republic Of Singapore.

Top-of-the-mind associations usually come in adjectives like “frenzied”, “frantic” or “frenetic”.

Over the last ten years (I am so relax now, so I avoid using the term “decade”) however, attempts have been made to represent urban-city-state locations as places of leisure, fun and even serenity. Water is relaxing. Try visit the Singapore Marina Barrage. (Click Here to view)

Relax brings the characteristics of visual clarity, economy of lines and colour.

Relax include ideas of ‘down-time’ and chilling out, turn off the electrical switches, slowing down the tempo by infusing one’s images in the mind with a redolent air and fresh water.

“Relax” images convey a mellow, idyllic feel. Crisp white sheets, white walls, disappear from the camera view-finder, private spaces, unwind and laze around, bare, minimal aesthetics, water.

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