Sunday, December 28, 2008



Focus your keenness on a domain where every place is the unrivalled king – food!

Focus your spotlight on the un-self-conscious manner in which people worldwide behave when they engage in the national pastime,savour the tinge of relish food! deserves.

Avoid picturesque, sentimental or lyrical aesthetics, preferring a direct, honest, down-to-earth approach in food-taking.

There is a capricious, un-premeditated and unstructured humane feel to one’s food – faces and limbs are cut off by cropped edges or blocked by objects, and subjects and situations are selected randomly, or so it seems.

We, eaters are not particular about the etiquette of dining. Forget the fork, carving knife and spoon, or the pair of chopsticks. Some of us eat inelegantly and absorbedly with our washed bare fingers and palms ; others drool at the prospect of the coming dish during a typical Chinese ten-course meal ; all are totally at ease when it comes to good food.

Hawkers centres, canteens, kopitiams (Singapore local slang for local coffee shops with ‘bio-diversity’ of cooked food stalls), whatever environments, air-conditioned or not, setting may take, look at the unrivalled king again – food!

Consider again the food court, coffee shop, restaurant, neighbourhood café, a cocktail function at an exhibition venue, or just one’s own home dining table, as communal spaces with a commonality of purpose – to savour good food – and an opportunity to survey not just what we consume but how we consume.

Water is the main ingredient
, by the way to the highest level of SAVOUR. Chew/Fletcher your food 42 times (“Fletcher” named after Dr Fletcher who discovered that many digestive problems can be solved if patients chew the food more times prior swallowing it ) before sending the food on its journey down to the next digestion station – stomach. The second phase of digestion only begins after food leaves the stomach and enters the small intestines...bon appetite

A child asked,”Mom, why must we chew the food so many times?”
Mom replied,” Because your stomach has no teeth.”

food. And smile while chewing, masticating and manipulating the food while it is in your mouth.

Photography is to put the head, the eyes, and the heart in one single line.
Photography is a way of life. So smile and savour the food.
Selfie and Foodfie..
nice ....Hmmmmm....s a v our

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