Sunday, December 28, 2008


This life is a journey of dimensional explorations. Sets of images perceived triggers a sense of wonder and awe with the enormity of scope and the vividness of detail in one's waking hours.

Responding to the instinct of "explore" with its suggestions of danger and curiosity, one ventures into altered spaces, including some little visited by the common public.

Explorer is constantly seeking new ways to understand the landscape of ever changing scenarios, including observing scenes of life at night.

Explorer moves from time to space, seeking new turf and terrain in the reality, capturing images in all their breathtakingly graphic detail. Though some images are impossible to be downloaded with present technology. Perhaps another time.

The impulse to 'visually explore' these less traveled spaces, is fuelled by one's images which not only convey a sense of colossal space but also registers a spectrum of stunningly minute details. from Universe, to solar, to earth, to systems, to one's self, to organ, to tissue, to cell, to molecule, to atom, to quark, to vibration, to spirit, to ...(?), giving lie to the perception of the homogeneous space landscaping reality.

There is a whole world out there to be explore. And there is a 'nano-world' within ourselves waiting to be explored too.

Bon voyage to all diligent explorers.

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