Sunday, December 28, 2008



To “enrich” our imagination, our perspectives and ultimately, our live is probably one of the least quantifiable of exercises.

Still, a deluge of “enrichment” programs have descended upon this island over the last two decades, twenty years period, spanning the fields of sports, religion, art, technology and the sciences, from courtship, child-birth, family nurturing, to hospices services. In brief, from cradle to grave “enrichment” modules are available everywhere now.

Enrichment in this sense assumes a heightening of experience which results in the shift of perceptions and a new understanding.

Anyone may employ simple emblematic imagery, like water, to expound what it means to enrich ourselves and our lives.

Avoid documenting a literal instance of the programs and curricula or any explicit narrative that showcases “enrichment”.

Water, one word is a strong visual motif and metaphor to suggest the passage of enrichment.

The mesmerizing image of the “cycle of water” suggests an internal elucidation or illumination.

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