Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Neutralization and

the Healing Power of the Heart

If our relationships are to heal and evolve, we must change our relationship with ourselves.

Healthy relationship is when we are able to discuss how we feel and not simply reacting.

When the emotions of a DNA pattern are triggered, we react to the memory of the feelings and emotions of that pattern. Once the feelings are neutralized, we and those involved in the situation can move on rather than being stuck in an endless cycle of resistance.

We tend to resist because it creates traction and we mistakenly confuse traction with power. We think that by holding on or by resisting, we can exert influence.

You can understand how this might work in the context of a committee meeting where the committee leader is presenting ideas everyone likes and is getting all the attention. If someone wants to be noticed or to stop the flow of the meeting, he(or she) starts resisting and soon everyone is paying attention to him (or her). While he (or she) has certainly created traction by resistance, he has not created true power. True power only empowered everyone involved. Traction only sap the energy of the group.

Traction and resistance create fear, worry, procrastination, judgment, and denial. If we want to move forward productively to the next level, we must neutralize our resistance. Forgive and forbearance is remedy in this situation.

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