Sunday, December 28, 2008



Scrutinise the notion of "learn" beyond the norm of textbooks and classrooms. Whilst stressing discipline and focus.

Be more interested in that elusive quality that keeps people or learners continually purposeful and curious.

It is this irrepressible desire to acquire knowledge and experience first-hand and develop self-direction which learner sees as the fuel that fires the impulse to learn.

Learn the deeper insight of the spirit of learning is more beneficial to one's soul than learning much shallow generalities.

Having been mentored by other learners over the years, a learner has evolved an intuition for learning any discipline.

Dancers and their limbs movements manifest the fluidity, elegance and power of their craft. Their hands and arms seamless entwined to en wrapped - as visual metaphors to expand the idea of mentor ship in learning.

Learner's relationship carries protective overtones but their deep interlocking also suggests support and empowerment.

Learner learns from humbled learners too the lessons of humility which without none can be leaning on honest leadership in scholarship.

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