Sunday, December 28, 2008



In a city-state with a growing presence of boutique cafes, wine clubs and ‘elite goods’ stores, fashion and glamour promoters, a traveler sees “indulge” as the casting away of inhibitions that is marked by a heady, euphoric quality.

Urban-city culture is marked by impulses towards self-gratification and the fulfillment of desires without restraint. Ultimate indulgence by pairing sensuality with jewellery – the objects of enthrallment ,also objects of entrapment for many women. A bait often used by cunning ‘wolves’ womanizers.

Playful and tongue-in-cheek set of images captures ‘rare’ footage of media darlings and celebrities, actresses, actors, models all have often been presented and projected as elegant, immaculately turned out and self-possessed in media shots. Ideal glamour icons, styles in uninhibited mood, shots with crazed air, ravished by desire and reveling in pieces of jewellery, wines, substances and sex tones. Commercial projects indulge as creative edge of fashion and art of civilization.

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Clement Hord said...

we need a serenity of the ocean to endulge our memory by the breeze of the wind..

Nice blog, i will come back
Clement Hord