Sunday, December 28, 2008


Yes, WORK:

The labour we take on or decline, the work we enjoy or endure reveal so much about ourselves, spirit.

Strategic probing the work culture of any community has always been synonymous with economic success.

Work convey the ceaseless and intense striving for higher quality (it it exist) that marks one's work life.

Work to live creates momentum through a cumulative sequence of activities - the scores of aces in front of computer screens, the presence of express couriers, the lighted cabs on drizzly days, commuters dashing aimless, it seems, the ubiquitous cell phones and more credit cards, credit cards installment purchases, credit crunches.

One's personality and sensitivity to the little ironies emerging from the iconography of the city, and wild jungles too is evident.

The concrete jungle workers are just a type of the organism in the natural rain forest.

The square motif of computer/laptop screens echoes the spaces of office cubicles and the geometry of city architecture. Cash changes hands side-by-side with credit card transactions; different courier services network the island - bent on locking up that precious niche they call their own.

All of which points to the enormity and multi-layered texture of a country's urban and rural life, where a mind-boggling spectrum of work takes place, and the boundaries between white and blue collar workers become increasingly meaningless.

Nevertheless work with love is the meaning of living. And healthy living too. Poised somewhere in the scope of that larger unfolding plot.

All work, when we honestly admit, only point to the archingly resonant cycle of forming relationships and families. Only human can work, others follow.

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