Thursday, January 1, 2009

Unconditional Love

is the source to healthy Body.

The family reunion taught me once again, this time at a deeper level, that awareness of a problem is the first step to healing, but it is not enough to change a situation.

If our relationships are to heal and evolve, grow better, we must change our relationship with ourselves.

We need to rise above the limitations that the problem has created.

We need to move beyond seeing the problem through our present reactive feelings, which makes us feel limited and trapped, to seeing with compassion.

We must recognize that our hearts can lead us to a place of unconditional love where we can let go of our judgments and see with new eyes what is really taking place.

Love is the highest frequency or vibration there is, and our DNA in its perfect form resonates and vibrates with the feeling of love.

Unfortunately, many of us have forgotten what it feels like to receive unconditional love.

We have been taught how to give love with a smile, but we have not been taught how to receive love with a smile and so we are hard on ourselves. Becauses we are afraid of being abandoned or rejected, we beat ourselves up to remind us to be good so that we will not be abandoned.

We often take on the belief of Matrix that we deserve to be punished and we even see illness as a 'good form' of punishment.

We not only judge others who are ill and wonder what they have done wrong, but we also judge ourselves unmercifully. When we can move past this limiting belief of Matrix that illness or misfortune is "bad," we can see the circumstances in a new light.

Let this new year 2009, provide new light to our spirit in learning about our selves and illness. Illness can become a teacher, a way of helping us move out of our limiting beliefs of matrix. Illness therefore, is never a mistake but a way of helping us to grow and evolve.

Are Cancer Patients Over-treated and Over-medicated?

Patients face one well known hazard after surgery for their cancer. More often than not they are asked to undergo chemotherapy. The drugs used are cytotoxic – that, everyone knows and cannot be denied. Chemo-drugs are toxic to both the good and bad cells. In fact, chemotherapy has earned a bad reputation among patients. Well, since it has put off many patients, what about giving it a new name then? I have just learned that chemotherapy is also referred to as SACT, i.e., systemic anti-cancer therapy. One patient told me that when in Singapore the oncologist denied that he (the doctor) was giving “chemo” to him (the patient). He, the doctor, was only “washing” his patient’s liver. Anyway, the patient died soon afterwards leaving behind tell tale, blue-black marks before he passed off. In spite of the blatant denial, that “washing”, ladies and gentlemen was actually chemotherapy!

Over the years working with cancer patients, I came across many ways how chemo is being “sold” to patients. They are told either one of the following:

a) You do chemo to kill all the cancer cells. What is not being told is that chemo also kills good cells in the body. Chemo may even damage the vital organs of the body. More … some chemo drugs themselves are carcinogenic. Similarly, radiation causes cancer. In short, if patients get to live long enough, they may get a new cancer and this time it could be due to the treatment.

b) You do chemo to stop the cancer cells from spreading. That is good sales pitch and very attractive indeed. Many patients “buy” this naive idea. After chemo, the body’s immune system is wiped off. Your body is so weak that it cannot even ward off germs attacking you. Indeed, it is convincing to see the lump shrinks after chemotherapy – but it does not mean the cancer is cured! Often shrinkage is only temporary. The tumour often grows back again and this time more aggressively. One lady wrote that she did not get any cure from chemotherapy, she just moved from treatment to treatment! So where is the control of spreading?

c) You do chemo as an “insurance”. Since cancer cells may be floating around in the blood stream – it is good to get them early! Kill them before they grow bigger. Well, don’t we know that some chemo drugs and radiation can cause cancer? Don’t we know that these treatments can weaken the immune system and make the body much more vulnerable to enemy invasion? Is “insurance” not achieved by making the body system strong and not weaker? Is it not better to boost up the immune system through healthy diet and lifestyle? Oh, NO – that is not proven or scientific, so they say!

Let me present you with this video clip. Listen to this video and see what has been proven! This is a lady who had undergone a surgery to remove the cancer in her bile duct. She was well after that. A year later the doctor decided that she should undergo 25 radiation treatment and four cycles of chemo. The reason? As an “insurance”, never mind that she was well with no sign of any recurrence at that time. Two years after the treatment the result was a deadly 2.5 cm tumour in her liver. She was asked to go home – no treatment and no other option.

The questions you may wish to ask: Thousands of research papers have been written in journals (yes, even medical journals) that diet and change of lifestyle can make a difference in cancer management. Why is this ignored? Surely, the practice of diet and lifestyle changes do not bring any harm at all. Why do you say there is no other options?

At CA Care we tell patients: Don’t panic. There is still hope when you are told that there is no hope. There is something that you can do to help yourself. There is no need for you to go home and wait to die.

Hazard Number Two

If patients refused chemotherapy or in some cancers chemotherapy is not indicated, then most likely patients may face a hazard of another kind. They may be passed on to the non-oncologists who may prescribed a battery of drugs which they may not need.

There is a couple who came to see me lately. The husband had an operation for his parotid cancer in the hospital here. Both husband and wife are not English educated and as such .....(details found at .)
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