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Know Your Own Body Fluid:

The Water Environment.....

The physical properties of water.

Water and life : All life is dependent on water. The average human body is composed of
60 per cent water by weight, although the range is between 40 to 70 per cent for an adult.

2. A foetus in the woman's womb, developing in an aquatic environment, contain 95 per cent water.

3. Babies 'dry out' after delivery, "Happy Healthy Birthday,child", when their water content drops to 85 per cent.

4. The adult proportion of 60 percent is attained around puberty.

5. All life was formed in an aquatic environment sometimes called the primal sea.

6. Life still exists in a watery environment, the cells of the human body contain intracellular fluid and are surrounded by extracellular fluid. All fluid has water, but water is not 'fluid'.

7. There is a resemblance between seawater and extracellular fluid in that the same chemical constituents, minerals and trace elements, are found in each. However, the concentrations of these constituents in seawater and your body's extracellular fluid are different. For example the concentration of salt (Na Cl) in human body's extracellular fluid is 0.9 per cent compared with 3 per cent in seawater. Now, we know why sea-stranded victims can die of fresh water dehydration, even they were surrounded by seawater; the salinity (sodium content) plays a major role in body energy metabolism as far as the normal physiology is concerned.

Water in the 'Body Compartments'

1. Extracellular fluid is the water environment in which cells function and amounts to 20 per cent of body weight or 14 litres in the average human. Its principal chemical is common salt (Na Cl),sodium chloride.

2. Interstitial fluid
surrounds each cell in the form of a gel only one or two molecules thick. This accounts for 3.5 litres of the total 14 litres of the extracellular fluid in the average body.

3. The lymphatic circulatory system prevents the accumulations of excess interstitial fluid and is as widespread as the blood circulation. The lymph accounts for another 3.5 litres of fluid. Many cancer patients and doctors are ignorant that prolonged cellular dehydration had caused mutation of the cells and the only logical remedy to prevent cancerous/tumor onset is to use correct regular re-hydration.

Many of the present cases of lymph node, located between your armpit and chest, removal from cancer patients are not necessary. When a person becomes ill, a common symptom is swollen lymph nodes. This swelling means that the lymphatic system is working especially hard, producing far more lymphocytes than usual and filtering many pathogens from the lymph. A change of one's diet is needed to reduce/eliminate the amount of pathogens intake. Upon recovery, lymphocyte production slows and the nodes return to their normal size.

4. Intracellular fluid fills each cell. Potassium (K+), in the form of a proteinate, a form of protein, is the most important constituent within the cells.

5. About 1 litre of secretions is always present in the gastrointestinal tract where fluid may be secreted or absorbed quickly as necessary. Drink 10% of your own water quota, 30 minute before your meal time will ensure healthy and effective digestion process.

6. Up to 10 litres are produced as saliva, gastric juices, bile and intestinal juices every day. For anyone who is suffering from peptic ulcer or constant stomach pain, regular drinking of 10% of your daily water quota, every 90 minutes, will solve this dehydrated condition. You are not sick, but dehydrating at the cellular level.

'I would like to introduce you to an entirely new physiology-based approach to the etiology of pain and disease in the human body. Twenty-two years ago ,since 1981, I started treating peptic ulcer disease with plain water. Yes, just plain water and no drug is used. We had been caught in the mainstream medicine's enslavement to the pharmaceutical-drugs industry. In two years and seven months, I had successfully treated over 3000 cases. I came away from that experience with the understanding that these people were really thirsty : That we in medicine had labeled one of the manifestations of thirst in the human body as a disease condition (particularly as a number of other conditions also responded to increased water intake).' - F.Batmanghelidj, M.D.

Water Balance

Correct hydration is important for the function and stability of cells.

2. Dehydration (i.e., lack of water,drought) or over hydration (i.e., too much water, flooding) decrease cell function.

3. To maintain the correct water balance, the membrane covering the cell allows water and various slats of sodium and potassium to pass through it. This is controlled by the so-called 'sodium pump' which is, in reality, an enzyme, sodium-potassium ATPase.

4. This enzyme expels sodium ions from the cells, equal to the number that enter the cell, along what is called an 'electrochemical gradients'. This balances the chemical content of the cell.

5. The sodium pump over-rides the normal function of osmosis, whereby chemical ions diffuse from a more concentrated solution to a less concentrated one through the semi-permeable membrane of the cell wall to equalise the concentrations on both sides of the membrane.

Trauma and water intoxication.

1. Cell damage (or trauma) from whatever cause, decreases the activity of this enzyme, allowing sodium ions to flood in by osmosis. The result is overhydration and cell destruction.

(i)We read of a 40-year-old house wife from London undergoing a weight reduction program, who drank 4 litres of water in two hours, and she died.
(ii)Another 12-year-old student from Singapore, after playing 2 hours of badminton game with his elder sister, went to water-cooler for a drink, then collapsed and died. Doctors couldn't explain the cause of death.

2. Though essential to life (in a balance state), too much water within a short period can, paradoxically, lead to convulsions and death. Flash flood destruction effect.

3. This phenomenon of water intoxication is unusual as the human brain has a built-in mechanism to stop the voluntary ingestion of too much water, suddenly or within a short time.

However, drugs such as ecstasy can switch off this protective mechanism. And many ignorant men who used Viagra and such like pills, also fell victims, not knowing the water balance and simple remedy for a proper penis erection is through correct water intake. Water cures : Drugs Kill (read again, click here)

Molecular Weight :

A molecule of water is composed of "electrically-bonded' of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, written as H2O. The atomic weight of hydrogen is 1 (one) and oxygen is 16 . Therefore the molecular weight of water is 1 + 1 + 16 = 18. This is a comparatively low value. Because of its low weight, water is able to cross every biological membrane. Hence the description of 'the universality of water'.

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