Thursday, January 22, 2009

Know the Physical States of Water

Water as a biological fluid (this excludes ice, which is incompatible with life), is present in the human body either in a solid state, or gel, or in a liquid state , or sol.

2. The gel exists as extracellular fluid, which surrounds individual cells and forms a gelatinous lattice framework, giving stability and shape to body tissue. Many cells grouped together is called tissue.

3. The sol or liquid is present in humans as blood, saliva, sweat and tears.

4. In whichever state the water exists in the body, its molecular mobility and permeability remain the same.

Water as a Solvent.
Water dissolves virtually everything. Water can be described as a universal solvent. Almost all the molecules encountered in life are soluble in water.

This is the water-cure protocol, which have helped many patients worldwide to recover and regain their own bodily health. You can have your health and grow normal again once you understand the basic facts of natural physiology.

The water-cure protocol: Every 90 minute, drink 10 per cent of your own daily water quota. This daily water quota is calculated by multiplying 31.42 (Milliliter) with your present body weight (measured in kilogram).

Water conserves heat.
Water can absorb large amounts of heat (or calories) with little or no temperature change. This enables human beings to maintain a stable internal or core temperature, despite differing external temperatures. This ability has allowed mankind to live in diverse extremes of temperature throughout the globe, earth, from hot dry deserts to humid tropical rain forests to the extreme freezing cold Arctic and Antartic regions. How awesome and wonderfully is the creation of the human body and water.

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