Wednesday, January 14, 2009


King of the Herbs
(Latin Name: Ocimum basilicum)
Part used: Leaves, Flowers, Seeds

You could be one teaspoon away from a healthier life !

HEALTH VIRTUES: Basil herb has a crowning list of health properties.

i. Basil is an immune system stimulant that increases the production of antibodies to fight infections and disease without negative side-effects.

ii. Basil is a circulatory stimulant that increases oxygen to the brain, and a nervine an herb that strengthens the nervous system to fight all nervous disorders, including nervous tension headaches and depression.

iii. Basil is a blood builder and bad-bacteria killer, including organisms that cause dysentery.

iv. Basil is an herb for recovery; with vitamins A and C and oil camphor.

v. Basil is an antiseptic for kidney cleansing and strengthens digestion.

vi. Basil has been used to restore strength in mothers after childbirth.

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