Thursday, January 29, 2009

Healthy Wealth was one of Top Ten-Bloggers

Winners in recent blogging contest.
The Top prize was an Touch I-pod.
While others won a tote bag, a round-neck T-shirt and this e-badge (click link to view)"

Thanks to Nadia Samat and Joana from Ministry of Information, Cultural and Arts (MICA).


Its ME said...

Jan 28 (2 days ago)

Hi all,

Congratulations again on being our top ten!

For those who have collected their prizes, we hope you enjoy them. For
those who haven't, do let me know when you want to swing by to collect.
And for all, here's an e-badge created specially for you to put up proudly on your blog.

Round of applause all around, you're our top ten!

To install, just copy and paste the code below on to your blog, and you're good to go:

Thanks again for participating, have a great week ahead!

Nadia Samat | National Resilience Division
Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts
Tel 6837 9846 Fax 6837 9808

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Its ME said...

Yes, I'm Singaporean!
On day 30th, month of December, year 2008, local time 11:00am, inside the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) building I took my oath in front the Commissioner of Oath that I will abide the law and give my allegiance to this nation and defend the sovereignty of Republic of Singapore from hence forth.

Yes, I am now officially one of Singapore's SINGAPOREAN.

I am proud to be part of our present uniquely and intricately woven society in this 'growing'island. Not only we are growing as One United People, but even our own island is physically growing larger since independence through the mega engineering feat of land reclamations around the coastline.

From a slump of given up hope to survive since separation from the Malaya , our forefathers determined and persevere through much storm and drought of hardship to continue to transform this proverbial ugly duckling to be a magnificent elegant white swan floating on the lake of South East Asia.

Since my first official step on this island on April 1st 1982, I had witnessed and experienced first hand the uniquely transformation and growth in quantum terms in the people's various aspects of society life development in body, mental and spirit.

Truly a Unique Singapore Spirit and mystically blended formula for survival through crisis after crisis, but getting stronger and stronger after each one.

I am proud to be enable to contribute to her further growth in years ahead and I am humbly proud to one of her beloved sons and daughters. Now I am no longer a foreigner, but I AM SINGAPOREAN!

Yes,I'm Singaporean! Blog Contest
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