Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Properties of Mineral Water

1. The minerals in water also alter its properties. Not only is water a solvent but, depending upon its mineral content, water possesses detergent properties (detox), reduces inflammation (anti-inflammatory) and decreases itching (anti-pruitic).

2. Water with a high salt (sodium chloride) and / or high sulphur content has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

3. Sulphur also affects skin cell metabolism and is useful in certain skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne.

NOTE: Heinz Valtin, M.D., an emeritus professor at Dartmouth Medical School, has ventured the opinion that there is no scientific merit in drinking 8 x 8-ounces glasses of water a day, preferably every 90 minute, and not waiting to get thirsty before correcting dehydration.

This view, published in the American Journal of Physiology, August 2002, is the very foundation of all that is wrong with modern medicine.Dr Valtin's view is as absurd as waiting for the final stages of a killer infection before giving the patient the appropriate medication. And water is one of the medications, most naturally. His views are based on the erroneous assumption that dry mouth/lips is an accurate sign of dehydration.

All past views in medicine were based on the wrong assumption that it is the solutes in the human body that regulates all functions, and that the solvent, water, has no direct role in any of the body's physiological functions. In medical schools, that do not seemed to be aware or ignore the important paradigm shift in medicine, it is taught that water is only a solvent, a packing material and a means of transport; that water has no metabolic function of its own.

Do a survey with your nation's doctors and ask them about water metabolism and many will shy away from this subject. I have come across this level of ignorance about the primary physiological role of water at another Ivy League medical school from another eminent professor of physiology, who, like Dr Valtin, researched and taught the water-regulatory mechanisms of the kidney to medical students and doctors. Only when I asked him what "hydrolysis" is, did the penny drop: He admitted the scientific fact that water is a nutrient and does indeed possess a dominant metabolic role in all physiological functions of the human body.

Our national Kidney Foundation Dialysis and medical schools can help the people by teaching the public about water hydrolysis and promote water-cure protocol.

The water-cure protocol: Every 90 minute, drink 10 per cent of your own daily water quota. This daily water quota is calculated by multiplying 32.53 (Milliliter) with your present body weight (measured in kilogram).

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